Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Butterfly Fairy

..... wishes you
A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lauri's Second Stage Performance

Time flies very fast. It's end of the year already. Like last year, Lauri was performing in the school annual concert. If you click on the link, you can see how different they were compare with now.

Fiori was busy reading the program

Friday, December 18, 2009

No-Seaming Crocheted Flower Pattern for Sale

Crocheted Flower

Like the name, this crocheted flower required no seaming at all. You work in continues motion. Perfect for stash busting or last minute gift. It only takes less than 1 hour to make. This lovely flower is perfect for a brooch, bracelet, hair pin, hair crunchy, etc. Your imagination is the limit.
This pattern comes with row-by-row written direction in US crochet term and photo tutorials but no chart.

Material: DK weight yarn
Hook: 3.5 mm (E)
Finished Size Diameter: 10 cm or 4 inch
Level: Easy
Yarn requirement: 1 ball or skein can make about 3 pcs.
Notion: button (optional).
Other Posts and photos about this project: Here

How To Buy:Pattern is a full colour, 4 pages in PDF. Complete with step by step photo tutorials.
Payment by Paypal and delivery by Ravelry, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted.

USD 1.75,-
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Handmade Gift Ideas

When people know that you are good in knitting and crocheting, they expect you give something handmade to them. They don't know how much times and efforts that goes into handmade stuffs. Sometimes they even think that handmade stuffs is given because it is cheaper than buying in the store. This is one of the reasons why I don’t give people my handmade stuffs. I only make things for people than really appreciate my creation.

Anyway, yesterday I created this gorgeous crocheted flower that can be made in less than an hour, so it's perfect for gift as well. This flower required no seaming at all. I used my leftover yarn from my Orchid top and the button is a button from my old dress. The result is about 4" or 10 cm in diameter. I plan to make this for necklace, belt, and pin as well. Yesterday, when I wore this as a bracelet, a lot of people complimented it.

Crocheted Flower as Bracelet

Crocheted Flower in Hair

Crocheted Flower

Pattern: No-Seaming Crocheted Flower
Source: Here
Materials: Elann Sonata. Color: Victorian Grape
Qty: 1 ball to make 2 or 3 pcs
Needles: Clover Hook size 3.5 (E)
Start Date: 14 December 2009
Finish Date: 14 December 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Want to Play too.....

Said Fiori to her sister. She could not wait to play the drum and tried hard to get down from her stroller. Nowadays, Fiori always copy whatever Lauri did.

Friday, December 04, 2009

My Knitting Needles

I love Addi knitting needle. I can only enjoy knitting if my needle is Addi. Of course I haven’t tried other needles, but why waste my money to buy other needles since I love the one that I have (unless it’s free, of course). Here were the sizes of Addi needles that I had: Lace addi 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 mm and for Addi Turbo 3.25 (2 pcs), 3.5, 3.75 mm.

If you notice, the biggest size that I had is 4.00 mm and it’s Addi Lace. Thus, all these time when I knit to use size 4.00 mm, I had to use my lace needle, although I was not knitting lace project, but I was not complaining, until recently.

Recently I started new knitting project (Sage New Version). This time I am knitting with worsted weight yarn that split a lot and knitting with sharp point needles (Addi lace is sharper) was not a good idea. So, I decided to buy bigger sizes of Addi Turbo from ebay. After hunting around for a week, finally I found a seller that selling 6 pairs of Addi turbo (you can choose the size of your needle and the length of the cord) for total USD30.98 and this is including shipping cost! I bought sizes 4.00, 4.50, 5.00, 5.50, 6.00 and 6.50 mm with 32” cable. I got my needles already and very satisfied. I know that buying from ebay means I don’t have the lifetime warranty. But, what is the chance you break your Addi?

To tell you the truth, I was tempted to buy Addi Click Interchangeable needles. But, beside the expensive price, I was also afraid that I got the set that doesn’t have the perfect connection (I read that some people experienced sponteneous click off while knitting using Addi click). Where should I return it? Not to mention the shipping cost and the hazzle that I have to go through. Sooooo, to be in the safe side, just “normal” Addi for me. I normally work 1 project at a time anyway.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I Need Tester!

As you are aware that I always writing my pattern using 2 weight yarns, fingering/4 ply/sport and DK weight. The reason is because I always enjoy to knit using thinner yarn, but understand that most of people don’t. One exception is my Sage Cardigan Pattern. This is my first pattern and the only pattern that is not written in 2 different weight yarn and not a top down pattern. Thus, I decided to redesign something similar like Sage Cardigan, but knitting using the top down method, and this time I use worsted weight yarn, Ella Rae Shibu. It’s 90% silk and 10% viscose. It feels soft and has a tweedy look.

This yarn frustrated me at first, because it splits and feels hard in my hand. Knitting it with Addi lace needle make it worst. I am a tight knitter and the stitches could not glide easily in Addi Lace needle. At one time, I made a mistake that required me to frog about 2 balls worth of knitting, and decided it was not worth the effort and ready to move on to another new project. However, before flushing this project to the drain, I went to Ravelry and see what other peoples said about this yarn, and what they made. Surprisingly they all like this yarn and I saw a lot of stunning sweaters made of this yarn, so I decided to continue and bought 4.00 mm Addi Turbo.

I am not disappointed with my decision. I just love the result so far. Just another sleeve and the collar to finish. Anyway, I need testers again. This time I wrote my pattern for 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60” bust. I started to knit on 14 Oct and it’s almost finish now, so this is a relatively a quick project.

Anybody interested to test this pattern email me or leave a comment here. Don’t forget to tell me what size you want to test. As usual I can not afford to pay you with money or yarn but I will give you the final version of this pattern and another of my pattern of your choice. Thanks!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lace Sleeves Sweater For Sale


The Lace sleeves Sweater is a sweater with laces on the sleeves and is echoed in the bottom part of the sweater which gives it a romantic and feminine look. The smocking look-a-like stitch in the waist not only causes the sweater to cinch the waist but also adds an interesting detail in this sweater. This sweater can be worked in a light weight fiber (green sample is knit in 100% cotton Baby Georgia) or in DK weight yarn. Alternatively, a wooly yarn can make the perfect fall garment. No shaping in lace is required. All the shaping is done in the stockinette portions of the design. This sweater is knit in around, from top down, and in one piece, so there’s no seaming.






32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44" Bust. For DK weight pattern it is better if you go down in size. Thus if your size is M, you can go down 1 size to S.

Fingering: 3.00 mm (size 2) 80 cm long circular needle for the neck band, 3.50 mm (size 4) 80 cm long circular needle for the rest.

DK Weight: 3.50 mm (size 4) 80 cm long circular needle for the neck band, 4.00 mm (size 6) 80 cm long circular needle for the rest.

Yarn: Fingering or DK Weight

Yarn requirement:
Fingering Weight: 32": 1100 m/1222 yards, 34": 1200 m/1333 yards, 36": 1300 m/1444 yards, 38": 1400 m/1555 yards, 40": 1500 m/1666 yards, 42": 1600 m/1777 yards, 44": 1700 m/1888 yards.

DK Weight: 32": 900 m/1000 yards, 34": 975 m/1083 yards, 36": 1050 m/1167 yards, 38": 1125 m/1250 yards, 40": 1200 m/1333 yards, 42": 1275 m/1417 yards, 44": 1350 m/1500 yards.

Notion: Tapestry needle, Beads (2 pcs), markers, scrap yarn

Difficulty: Intermediate

Fingering Weight: 25 sts and 30 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Stockinette Stitch (St st) using 3.50 mm needle or adjust the needle size to get gauge.

Double Knit Weight: 20 sts and 28 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Stockinette Stitch (St st) using 4.00 mm needle or adjust the needle size to get gauge.

Other Posts and photos about this project: Here

How To Buy:
Pattern is a full colour, 26 pages in PDF. Complete with lace charts and photo tutorials.
Payment by Paypal and delivery by Ravelry, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted.

USD 5.00,-

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FO: Lace Sleeves Sweater

It took me forever to finish this sweater because I was very busy taking care my 2 girls. Fiori was becoming a toddler and she was a handful. Plus I had to teach Lauri her lessons. Anyway, it’s finished now and I am happy with the result. I love the additional lace on the bottom. I wore it many times already. I know you all are waiting for the "in action" photo, so here they are! I specially love the first photo, because you can see on the background that Lauri was also doing the pose. On the third photo, you can see the Penang bridge in the background.





Pattern: Lace Sleeves Top
Source: Here
Materials: Baby Georgia Chrystal Palace Yarns 100% cotton Color 8079 dyelot 26913
Qty: 10 x 40 gram (140 yards per ball)
Needles: Addi Metal Circular Needle 3.50 mm
Cost: Yarn USD 29.00 + button USD 10
Start Date: 15 February 2009
Finish Date: 20 October 2009
Other posts about this project: Click

Friday, November 20, 2009

Magazine Folder

We always buy Fiori’s milk powder by a dozen complete with the master carton box. I always recycled the box and make it into something useful (I found this kind of box is sturdy and the color is neutral). This time, I made magazine folder since I really need to organize my desk. Using two of below master carton, I can make 5 magazine folders. Now my desk looked tidy plus I could save some money. Store bought magazine folder costs about RM 7 or USD 2, since I made 5 magazine folders, I saved about RM 35,- or USD 10,-

Milk master carton box


Magazine folder

Friday, November 13, 2009


One of my Lace Sleeves Sweater testers has finished hers already. She is using Indigo Moon Hand Painted Sport Weight yarn. I made major mistake on the pattern and she ended up with too many stitches on the bust. That is why she made more decreases through the waist shaping and more stitches before starting the smocking. She also made modification with the sleeves to become 3/4 sleeves with a tight smocked cuff. She also eliminated 2 sets of increase rows on the bottom part, that is why her version not as flair as much like mine. You can see her details note in here (ravelry link). Thanks again Myrna!

I managed to take nice pictures of my Lace Sleeves Sweater last Sunday. So, now I am only waiting for the rest of my testers to finish before I can publish the pattern.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Another Patchwork Pillow Case

Since I have the leftover fabric after I made this pillow and bolster cases, I decided to make another set for Lauri. Besides, she kept asking me to make for her. Since I only little fabric left, I combined with white cotton fabric that I bought locally in Penang. I used the same white fabric to make this pillow case before, and really love the result. Before washing it was very stiff, but after several washing, it become soft. I tried to buy more, but I could not find it anymore. Anway, this project was fun to make and the result was so satisfying. I love the end result, and now I am planning to make another one.

And look who was borrowing Lauri's new pillowcase?

Monday, November 02, 2009

New Pillowcases

When I was blog hopping (somewhere in mid July), somebody mentioned about “Pink Chalk Studio”, I went there and saw that she has a sale. After several days resisting not to buy anything, finally I “lost” the battle and bought Narrow Stripe in Forest - Chestnut Hill Collection by Joel Dewberry at USD 5.60/yard. I bought 7 yards to make pillow and bolster cases. I calculated that 7 yards is enough to make 5 pillow cases and 4 bolster cases, which is exactly the number of pillows and bolsters in my bed. I know .... I got too many. Sometimes there was not enough place for me to sleep.

As usual, I made a simple pillow cases but to make it special, I embroidered our names on the right bottom corner.

Close up

Matching with Fiori's green crocheted blanket

The button

Friday, October 30, 2009

Painting with Acrylic

A few weeks ago, when I did my shopping in the supermarket, I saw Kid Canvas Art Sets. Inside there was 2 pcs of canvases (with giraffe and lion drawing on each) complete with the acrylic paints (6 pcs) and brushes (2 pcs). I immediately bought it because I knew that Lauri would love it. My guess was right. She was really excited and immediately wanted to paint them. Since this was the first time for her to paint using acrylic on canvas, I had to guide and to supervise her.

Fully concentrated

Painting the giraffe

The result

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update on Lace Sleeves Top

Remember my lace sleeves top? Last week, after I wore it the third times, I decided to add the bottom with lace edging. At first I was lazy to open the bind off, and just want to crochet the additional lace edging. However, after think about it further, I decided not to do that since I was afraid it will be too much. Another reason is that not everybody can knit and crochet. So why limit my market to only people that can knit and crochet? So in the end I decided to just use the same lace motifs as the lace on the sleeves. Since I still got 1 skein leftover, I just frogged the last 8 rows of the garter stitch bottom and replace it with the lace, plus I used up the whole 1 skein of yarn (I only have about a yard or so leftover). I think I like the result more now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Miniature Gallery

My brother has a small shop back in Indonesia. Actually it is belong to my parents but he rent it from them. He sold magazines, stickers, jigsaw puzzle and stuff. The last time I went there, I saw that he imported some interesting miniature DIY items. I brought back some but never got a chance to do it. I still don’t, however, somehow my husband got the urge to do it when he was on leave recently. Thus, this is the result:

Not very neat since the whole things only measures 8” x 7” and need very delicate finger to do it, and his finger just not suitable for these things. LOL! However, if you look from a far, it still looks pretty.

I still have several more with different theme. One of them is fabric shop. Too bad there is no yarn shop available.