Sunday, April 29, 2007

OMG I am making doily!

I finished the body of my Sunshine and started the sleeve. Somehow, I got problem with the lace part of the sleeve. I ripped so many times and still could not get it right. Finally, I figured it out that I made a mistake earlier part (before I separate the body). Lucky that this is a knit project (If this is crochet, I think I will go crazy), so all I had to do was rip the lace part only and fixed the mistake. Now, everything is OK. But, the progress is very slow. I think it has to do with the magic loop technique. I tried to use 2 circulars, but somehow I develop ladder. Is there any trick to avoid ladder? I don’t develop ladder when I use magic loop technique, but it is very slow.

Anyway, the point is I got bored and I start making this:

It’s not finish, but, somehow I lost interest on it. What do you think?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lauri in Toy-R-Us

Last Sunday and this Sunday we went to Queensbay Mall. The reason was because it’s near our house, and it has Toy R Us where Lauri can play with all the toys there. She likes to play with the soft toys and push the button on some of the battery operated toys there. The funny thing is that she doesn’t like to play with dolls. Last year her Bee-Ma (that is how Lauri called her grandma) give her battery operated doll that can crawl, walk and talk. Guess what? She run and jumped up to my lap. She simply afraid and doesn’t like it.

Anyway, this time, she likes to play with the feathers shawl. She wore it and said: “Mommy, look at me. Look, so cute.”

Last week, we went to Chopper Board Restaurant to eat. I ordered Spaghetti for Lauri since she likes to eat noodle. To my surprise her appetite was very good. She ate it without any fuss. Normally she is very picky and refused to eat, but this time she ate quite a lot.

Waiting for food in Chopper Board Restaurant

This week, we went to food court in basement, and this time she also ate the noodle quite a lot. I guess she must be very hungry after long walk.

I ordered Penang Laksa, just when my food arrived, Lauri said : “Mommy, want to sit down.” (It’s her way to say that she want to pee or poo).
Although Lauri has already toilet trained, I always put pull-up diaper on her whenever we go out, just in case we could not find any toilet. Two months ago, she just simply peed on her diaper, but nowadays she insists to go to toilet. So, I had to bring her to find the toilet first.

Lauri always went crazy over baloon. This time we were lucky and to get free baloon

After eating we decided to went home as Lauri started to get cranky. We passed a girl with clown costume and a man with rabbit costum. Lauri start to get excited and said “Mommy, look. It’s Jojo circus and Rabbit”. Jojo circus is one of her favorite show in Disney Channel featuring a little girl clown. She was even shaking hand with the rabbit. Then I told her that we need to go home because she was tired and needed to sleep. Guess what she said: “Bye bye rabbit, Lauri tired already. Lauri want to go home already, Lauri want to sleep. Bye bye.”

Saturday, April 14, 2007

What's On My Needle?

I called it sunshine. Simply because it’s yellow. It’s working from top down with lacy panel on the sleeves and waist.

I was too lazy to move the stitches to scrap yarn in order to try it on, so I just continue separated the sleeves and working in a round for the body. Only the other night, I decided to try it on since I needed to know whether I could start the panel on the waist. To my delight surprise, everything is OK. I am so happy that my calculation is correct.
I think I got another winner here.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Handmade Label

I bought 6 mm wide satin ribbon and embroidery the word using normal sewing thread.
Actually, I was thinking to buy custom order label. However, I found the price is too pricey for me. Also, the idea of attaching something machine made on handmade item is a bit ironic.

Then I sew it on the hem:

It only took me less than 30 minutes. I think to spare 30 minutes to do this on handmade clothes that need more than 1 month to make is worth it, don’t you think?