Friday, November 27, 2009

I Need Tester!

As you are aware that I always writing my pattern using 2 weight yarns, fingering/4 ply/sport and DK weight. The reason is because I always enjoy to knit using thinner yarn, but understand that most of people don’t. One exception is my Sage Cardigan Pattern. This is my first pattern and the only pattern that is not written in 2 different weight yarn and not a top down pattern. Thus, I decided to redesign something similar like Sage Cardigan, but knitting using the top down method, and this time I use worsted weight yarn, Ella Rae Shibu. It’s 90% silk and 10% viscose. It feels soft and has a tweedy look.

This yarn frustrated me at first, because it splits and feels hard in my hand. Knitting it with Addi lace needle make it worst. I am a tight knitter and the stitches could not glide easily in Addi Lace needle. At one time, I made a mistake that required me to frog about 2 balls worth of knitting, and decided it was not worth the effort and ready to move on to another new project. However, before flushing this project to the drain, I went to Ravelry and see what other peoples said about this yarn, and what they made. Surprisingly they all like this yarn and I saw a lot of stunning sweaters made of this yarn, so I decided to continue and bought 4.00 mm Addi Turbo.

I am not disappointed with my decision. I just love the result so far. Just another sleeve and the collar to finish. Anyway, I need testers again. This time I wrote my pattern for 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60” bust. I started to knit on 14 Oct and it’s almost finish now, so this is a relatively a quick project.

Anybody interested to test this pattern email me or leave a comment here. Don’t forget to tell me what size you want to test. As usual I can not afford to pay you with money or yarn but I will give you the final version of this pattern and another of my pattern of your choice. Thanks!


Cristina Salgueiro said...

Hello Lily
I could be a tester for your cardigan.
I'm not at home now, so when i get home i can tell you the size that will fit me.

Anonymous said...

Hi lily. I'd love to test knit this one for you. It'd be a perfect cardigan for work and I got the matching yarn, too. I most likely need 40 but will let you know for sure when I get home from work


mimi said...

Love your cardigan, Lily! It looks so smart and pretty ;)

Selina said...


I am home to check my size and it'd be a 38. So, if you like me to test let me know :)


Yarn Hungry Piggett said...

Hi Lily! It's me Yarn Hungry Piggett!
I'd like to test knit this new project of yours. Remember the Falling Leaves top I tested for you? That was a great top. Then I did the Sunshine top, but I used a fingering yarn this time around. Result was not too great! Am thinking of frogging it and using a DK yarn instead. (See my blog:
So if you'd let me test for you, I'd go for size 34 using a DK or worsted weight. And I might change the sleeve edges to not be lacy.
Thanks in advance.

Laura Z said...

I would like to test this (52). I just moved to a particularly cold climate with few sweaters and my bust size has gone up since I had my own munchkin. I have a lot on the go in December so I would have to start it in the beginning of January. I'm a stay at home mom so I have the time to finish it in January.

My email is

Yarn Hungry Piggett said...

Lily, I must apologize for such a delay on the Sage cardigan. With all the goings-on with Thanksgiving holiday, birthday and Christmas, I didn't measure how much time I needed to finish this test project. I hope you can forgive me.
I'm on the first sleeve now and am pushing to finish by the end of this week or next. The crochet part of the sleeve would be a bit daunting for me. I wonder if I can, with your permission, to change to a knitted lace version or skip it totally.
I will send email on the corrections I made on the instructions soon. Also, will post pix of cardigan on my blog soon.
Thanks for understanding. And hope that your holiday season was just wonderful and the new year bright.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Lily, am so glad to stumble upon your blog, i am always happy to find a fellow SE Asian knitter. if you still need a tester, i am available. thanks