Saturday, September 29, 2007

FO: A Thong

I made this thong quite a long time ago. This is a “between projects” project. After I finished with Orchid and still did not know what to make next. I just could not stand it if I did not have something in my hands. So I started this project.

Did I ever tell you that I love to crochet using fine thread and small needle? Sometimes I just had the urge to make project using small hook. This is one of the results. I love the result and it’s pretty comfy too.

The back

Pattern: My Own
Source: N/A
Materials: DMC Tradition size 10. Color: Natural. Qty: ½ ball.
Hook: Tulip Crochet Hook 1.8 mm

The Back Details

I just had the opportunity to take the photo recently. It’s kind of difficult to take this photo. For the lighting issue, I took this photo in the garden outside. I constantly looked around because afraid that the neighbors saw me doing it. Hehehehehe. It’s kind of difficult to explain why I needed to take photo of a thong. Hahahahahaha!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Meme!

Lis from Lis's Crafty Adventure and Vicki from Heading Towards Disaster tagged me "8 things about me" meme. Since I got tag with this meme before, you can read again here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hallo, My Name Is Lauri......

Hello, my name is Lauri, and this is my friend, Mommy. That is how Lauri introduces me. Hahahahaha.

Lauri nowadays wanted to do everything herself, including go to the toilet herself. Today, she managed to climb the stool, drop down the pants and sit on the toilet. After finished she even tore the tissue, wiped and pulled up the pants back. Then she dragged the stool near the sink and washed her hand using soap. The funny thing was, if she takes a poo, she asks me to go away. “Go away. It’s smelly, mommy” she said.

Last Sunday her father bought her Play-Doh, She still could not make anything yet, but she asked me to make snow ball. I don’t know why or where she got the idea from.
She asked me to put eyes, nose and mouth and arms. When she saw me making the arms, she volunteered herself to make the legs. I was surprise that she could make the two legs identical. Too bad that I didn’t take the photo.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Progress On Empire Top (20%)

I start my third ball already. I separate the sleeves and already join the front and knit in a round. It’s ribbing time!
I just tried it, and it looks good. Still looks wonky and uneven, but I believe that can be fixed by blocking later.

As you can see from the photo, it still looks plain. However, I could see the final result in my mind. It will look gorgeous, at least on me!

What is the orange line you ask? Oh that is my lifelines. Yes! I still use lifelines. In case I need to frog or if I make a mess somehow.

Edit: I just changed the photo as the previous one is too dark.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Dahlia Photo

I have finished my Dahlia more than 2 weeks now. Two weekends have already come and passed, but still not able to take picture of it. It’s because it always rains in here for the past 2 weeks. This is the perfect weather to knit and lazing around. I need the sun to take photo, otherwise the photo will not turn out nice.

In the mean time, I give you real Dahlia photo:

As for the pattern, I finally managed to finish writing it down. Yippie!!! Finish! Finish! Finish! Opps sorry for the over excitement! It required a lot of work to write the pattern. Actually it’s not the written part that required a lot of work, it’s the drawing part. I had to draw one by one. I tell you, my hand feel painful after 1 or 2 hours drawing using the mouse. That is why normally I just draw about 1 hour everyday. Just one step at a time.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Care for Doughnut?

Just kidding!

That is the photo of my first ball, almost finish Karabella yarn. By the time I wrote this post, I had already started the second ball. I had a rough start. I just could not get it right and had to frog 4 times. I was having dilemma how to approach the edging part. Should I pick that up and knit after everything is finish? Or knit it directly. In the end I chose the last choice. It’s more practical and easier that way. I wrote this at 3 AM so probably it doesn’t make sense to you.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Don't you love this?

Have you seen Knitty Fall 2007 edition? I love Cherie Amor! It's a type of design that I love to knit. However, most probably I will modified it so I can use lighter weight yarn. It's too bulky to wear in tropical country.

Tricky Lauri

Lauri is getting very smart and now already trying to outsmart me. The other day, while we were waiting in the car while DH was filling the gas, she was trying to open my handbag. I told her not to. You know what she said: “Mommy, look at outside! So nice flower there.”
Yup! She is trying to distract my attention so she could open my bag. Such a tricky girl!

Then yesterday, she was trying to change the TV channel, but the remote control was not working. She said: “Mommy, the control is broken. Wait, Lauri fix first.” Then she flipped the remote and opened the battery cover and said: “No more battery already, ask Papa to fix, OK!”

Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Project: Empire Top

Dahlia is still in the testing process. My next project after crocheted project is a knit one. My inspiration for this project was a result of window shopping. I saw this gorgeous top in QueensBay Mall and thinking to buy. Then again, I was thinking that I could use the money to buy yarn instead. Hahahahaha!

The top was actually from cloth material, so I had to modify the design and the construction so it would be suitable for knitting project. As usual, it’s raglan top down construction, and somehow it looks similar like my Dahlia. The front is overlap, empire waist, and bell sleeves although the details are different. I called it Empire Top.

I planned to use Karabella Vintage Cotton Yarn in pink. I bought this yarns quite sometimes ago from SandraSingh. It looks so yummy and I can’t wait to work with it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Am Excited!!

Remember my complain in previous post? Payloadz freezed my FREE account because my sales already reached US100 within 30-days period. They asked me to upgrade to the next level, which have to pay USD 15/month. Well, I decided not to upgrade and send my pattern manually instead.

Yesterday, somebody from E-Jungky e-mailed me, and offered me a free trial for their services. For 2 years!!!!! I went to their website to look. I saw that they do have a free trial, but only for 1 week. Confused, I emailed that person back, and said that I could not find the free for 2 years service. You know what she said? She said that that offer was especially for ME!!! Wow! I was so flattered and excited.

I saw in their price list they are more reasonable than Payloadz (see E-Junky price list here, Payloadz price list here). Their next level (after the 1 week free trial) is only USD 5 monthly fee, this is limited for 10 downloaded patterns and 50 MB hosting space, but they are not limit your sales like payloadz. Thus, I think this is more worth it.

If you subscribe my blog, I am so sorry that you have to see my “Pattern for Sale” posts again, as I have to change the setting. I hope this is the last change.

If any of you interested in E-Jungky free trial, Robin (the E-Junky developer) offers not only 1-week trial, but 3-months free trial, especially for you. Just plug in the code “iknit” in promotional code box when you sign in.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sunshine is Nominated in SKC!!

Thanks Kitman from Knit Your Love who nominated one of my patterns in Sexy Knitters Club. Because of her all of the sudden there was a big jump of visitors in my blog and eventually it affected my sales. Normally I had very slow sales on weekends, but since she nominated my patterns in SKC, I managed to get sales on Saturday and Sunday as well.

At first I was a bit worried the members of SKC would not like my pattern, as I did not think my pattern as nice as the other nominations, but to my surprise, I got quite a good responses :)

I used Payloadz to sell and deliver my patterns. I only started to use it about a month ago (11 August). I liked it because it’s FREE and compatible with PayPal. So after my customer paid using PayPal, automatically they can download the pattern they bought. However, it’s only free until you sold USD 100 within 30 days period, if you have reached that amount you have to upgrade your account and pay USD 15 every month.

Because of my nomination in SKC, I exceed my USD 100 per 30 days period limit (not that I am complaining :)). I found the USD 15/month fee very expensive, thus now I have to change my setting and back to manually send the pattern to the buyer. That is why, if you subscribe my blog, probably you keep seeing my “pattern for sale” posts lately.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Lauri New Words

Nowadays Lauri picks up words very fast. Sometimes I did not even teach certain words, but she knew them already. Probably she picked them up from TV. Like the other day, she saw a helicopter toy (belong to the father), then she said: “Look Mommy, it’s an aeroplane!” then after 2 second she added, “No, this is not aeroplane, this is helicopter.” I had never taught her helicopter word before. Then she also can say mountain, dragon and dinosaurus when she saw them (on TV not in real life, hahahahaha). She also now able to use fancy words like: Amazing, wonderful, excellent.

Eating noodle in Sakae Sushi (Queensbay Mall)

Asking me to kiss her

Posed with a clown

My mom and dad gave her a lion soft toy on their last visit a month ago. It becomes her favorite toy. Yesterday, I asked Lauri, who gave that lion because I wanted to check whether she still remember it. Her answer was: “Akong and Ama give lion to Lauri” Yes! She still remember it!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Photo Model

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dahlia Finish!!

Today I finish my Dahlia. I weaved in all the thread ends and also attached all the buttons. Now, I have to wait until Sunday to be able to take photo. I really like how it turns up.

Now, I really have to finish the final part of the pattern and send it to my testers.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

How Much You Get?

For a while I have been wondering how much you get if you submit your crochet or your knit design to a magazines. Then the other day, I read about it in Crochetville. There was a lady asked about it, then somebody answered that the starting price is about USD 50 - USD 150 depending on the item, USD 50 for accessories up to USD 150 for a really nice detailed sweater. Only when you are more established and published in several venues you can start to get more money from this. Then another discussion in Ravelry about the same subject mentioned that a very famous designer got about USD 500.

I feel the number is quite low. Let say you are a designer, and you come up with new design every month. That means you only get USD 150 to USD 500 max per month? Furthermore, once you sold your pattern to a publication, you also surrender your copyright. That means you can not sell it in your website. I think people submit their design to magazines or any publications in order to get their name recognized rather than for the money purpose. Anyway,

I don't think I want to submit my design to magazines at this moment. Probably later when I have designed 20 patterns, then I will think it over.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Blog View from Firefox

I finally managed to fix my blog. If you use Firefox, you probably saw that my blog a bit messy. The left side overflowed to the main page.

I didn't know this until somebody told me that problem, and I don't know how to fix that problem since I could not see it myself. Until another person told me the my blog looks OK if the browser is Internet Explorer, but not OK if the browser is Firefox. Then I quickly downloaded Firefox and fixed the problem.

If you notice I also put new blog banner :)