Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Fiori!

Last Friday was Fiori’s second birthday. She is very adorable and cute.

She loves to dance lately. Whenever she hears music, automatically she shakes her bootie.

Whenever somebody mention want to go out, she will run to get her shoes.

If she does something naughty and I scolds her, she will bow her head and show sad-face expression and sometimes accompany with a few drops of tears. That makes me very difficult to stay angry with her. The minute I forgave and hug her, she all smiley again.

Her favorite word: "Help!"For her, it is the most effective word and it works every single time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you know about “Malabrigo Madness Stock Up Event”?

Here are event details listed on the site:

Welcome to the Malabrigo Madness Stock Up Event!

How it works:

1. We will be placing a giant group order from Malabrigo Yarn approximately May 25, 2010.

2. Use this section to select from any available Malabrigo Yarn in any colorway currently produced either by the bag or skein.

3. Orders up to $50.00 will receive 15% instant cash back and free shipping.

4. Orders up to $100 will receive 20% instant cash back and free shipping.

5. Yarn purchased “Buy the Bag” will receive 30% cash back and free shipping.

6. Cash back incentives will be applied to your account AFTER your order is placed.

7. Credit card orders will not be charged until we place the order with Malabrigo. We will send you a updated order total prior to processing any payments.

8. For all other payment methods, please choose check or money order during the checkout process and indicate your method of payment in the comments box. We will bill you separately.

9. Orders to Canada will received free shipping on all orders over $25. All other international orders under $100 will receive reduced shipping rates as provided in our shipping policies. Orders over $100.00 will ship free.

10. We expect to ship orders placed on or before May 25, 2010 approximately 8 weeks from May 26 2010.

11. All participants who are paid in full by May 25, 2010 will be entered into a “Malabrigo Madness” drawing for free Malabrigo Yarn! Winner(s) will be chosen and notified May 26, 2010.

So based on my calculation, if you buy a bag it only cost you $12.88/skein for sock yarn (100 gr), $6.16/skein for lace (50 gr) and $7.5/skein for worseted (100 gr). Don’t you think these prices hard to resist?

I have some Malabrigo worsted in my stash that I haven’t used yet. At this moment, I have new crochet project that use Malabrigo lace. Actually I don’t really enjoy crocheting with it. It’s not as smooth and fast as Jagerspun Zephyr, probably because Malabrigo doesn’t have silk content in it (it’s 100% wool). However, I can see that the final result is going to be gorgeous, plus I read a lot of good review in Ravelry about Malabrigo.

So, I order some. Not as many as I would like to, but enough for me to get busy using it and play with it for sometimes.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Red Patchwork Again

Finally I managed to make another 2 red patchworks just like this for my cushion cover. So now total I got 3. When the first cushion cover had done, I didn’t really like the color combination, but it grew on me. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it.

Since I have taken the photo of the cover with the cushion inside, this time I took the photo before I insert the cushion in. Isn’t pretty? To tell you the truth, I waited until I was alone before taking all these photos, because not everyone can understand why I have to take so many pictures of pillow cushions.

I folded this way and that way and tried to get the best picture. I don’t know about you, but I always have the satisfaction feeling whenever I finished a patchwork, and that satisfaction feeling always follows with an urge to start another patchwork project. An addiction I suppose.

I use red button as a closure on the back