Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Granny Square Blanket

I have finished my Empire Top last week. However, I still haven’t washed and blocked it yet. Now I am in the process of writing the pattern. Hopefully I can finish it by next week.

Anybody interested in testing the pattern? I am planning to write the pattern both in sport and DK weight. It needs about 9 balls x 50 gram yarn for size M. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Now, since I am finished with that top, I am making crocheted blanket again. It’s actually not a new project. It’s an old project that I started long time ago. Since I haven’t finished writing down the pattern of the Empire Top, I can’t start designing new project, they will mixed up in my mind. So in the mean time, I am doing this mindless project.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Besides teaching Mandarin, they also teach Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian language). Here, what I heard from where I sit:
Teacher: A, a, Api (api is fire in Malay)
Student: A, a, Api
Teacher: Good. Repeat again!
Student: A, a, Fire!!! (because the book showing fire picture there)
I can’t help but laughing

Friday, January 11, 2008

Empire Top Update

Lauri class starts from 9 to 12 everyday from Monday and Friday. Except for Tuesday and Thursday, she has mandarin class as well from 3 to 4.30. Since I choose to wait for her there, I bring along my knitting as well. Thus, my Empire Top grew a lot since last week. I am on my last ball now.

From the photo below, you can see that this top slightly different from the original draft. The lace in the draft was horizontal, but in the end I made it vertical. I also didn't put the lace on the sleeve. So far I love the fit and the look on this sweater on me.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lauri Goes to School

Wednesday, 2 Jan 2008: First Day
We went to her class. Gave Lauri to her teacher. I said bye bye, Lauri bye bye me back. The teacher closed the door. That’s it. Everything went smoothly. After sometimes, I saw her talking to her class mate and didn’t even miss me at all. It seems that she likes school after all.

Went to beach after school still in her uniform

Thursday, 3 Jan 2008: Second Day
Lauri went inside her class room herself, sit nicely in her place. After 1 hour, I heard a child cry. When the door open, OMG it’s Lauri that was crying. She cried so hard and quite long. It turned out that she didn’t want to write. So it’s a homework for me. She had to finish write 1, 2, a, and b at home.
When I asked Lauri why she cried, she said: She (she refer to the teacher) scold me.
Even at home, she give me all sort of reasons not to write, from “I am sleepy”, “I am tired” until “I am not feeling well”

Friday, 4 Jan 2008: Third Day
Today, my MIL who sent Lauri to school since I had another appointment. About 30 minutes after the school started, I called her and asked how was Lauri doing. She said, “Well, you can hear it yourself” and I could hear in the background that Lauri was crying. Waaahhhh, I think I have a problem here.

Monday, 7 Jan 2008: Fourth Day
In the morning when I changed her, she already told me that she doesn’t want to go to school. Then she refused to go to her classroom. When I forced her in, she cried. However, the teacher managed to make her stopped crying and she stayed in her class until it’s over. She seemed happy enough when she got out from her class.

Today: Fifth day
She still said that she didn’t want to school in the morning, but at least she was willing to get inside the class and didn’t cry the whole day. Well, at least some improvement.

I noticed that in her class, Lauri is the only new student. All the other students were already attended the school the previous year. They offers Pre-Kindy 1 (for 3 years old), Pre-Kindy 2 (for 4 years old), Pre-School 1 (for 5 years old) and Pre-School 2 (for 6 years old). Since Lauri is going 4 year this year, she is in the Pre-Kindy 2 program.

When I first saw the other class mate, I thought I went in the wrong class. They are all smaller than Lauri. Until I double check again with the principal. She said that all of them are 4 years old in this year.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Playing Kite on New Year 2008

Today Lauri was having so much fun. We went to the Esplanade, originally want to buy some Rojak, however the stall still closed. Then we saw people selling small kites. Naturally, Lauri attention went to the kite, so we bought 2 kites for her to play. The wind was very strong, so it's kind of fun playing kites. Lauri and the father play together while I was busy taking photos.

On the way home, along the road by the beach, we saw a lot of people were fishing and playing sand, so we decided to stop and play with kites again, until the sun started to set.

Tomorrow, Lauri have to go to pre-kindergarden, so have to sleep early tonight. Hopefully she can adapt well tomorrow.

Note: I wrote above post on the 1st January, but just save it as a draft as I had not downloaded the pictures.