Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Photos From My Trip to My Hometown (Part-1)

On my last trip to Indonesia on 5-12 January for my Brother’s Wedding, I took a lot of nice photos.

Lauri was looking at the Koi fish. First, she was only looking, then after sometimes she put her finger in

These photos were taken in House of Sampoerna located in Surabaya. Sampoerna is actually one of the largest cigarette manufacturing company in Indonesia. Founded in 1913 by Liem Seng Tee and taken over in May 2005 taken by Phillip Morris.

What are you thinking, darling?

Actually my grandmother knows this Liem Seng Tee personally as he was the god-brother of my grandmother’s brother in-law. He often visited my grandmother for small talk as their house quite nearby.

Lauri was looking at the wedding couple posed

Anyway, we went there because there were a lot of nice spot to take photo. We went there together with the wedding couple (my brother and the wife) plus the photographer and cameraman.

Mommy, I also want to pose!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sneak Preview

I wore my sage cardigan to the new product launching last Tuesday in Kuala Lumpur. Here is the glimpse of the cardigan. Not very clear, but I will post again with the detail once I got a nicer photo. I guess I was the only one that wear handmade clothing :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Putting Lipstick

I look so awful today. Better put some make-up

OK, lets put some lipstick


Close it nicely, otherwise Mommy will scold me

How Do I look?

Don't you think, I look prettier now?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And The Sleeves

Long time no post. Its because I was very busy preparing my trip to my home town, Surabaya to attend my Brother's wedding. I am back now and still recovering from the lack of sleep.

Anyway, I finished my Sage Cardigan. No photo yet since I still had no opportunity to take photo with me wearing it. In the mean time, here the photo of the sleeve. Yes, I put crochet lace edging.