Thursday, February 25, 2010

When Other People Made Your Pattern .....

I want to show you something that made my heart leaped with joy.


I saw this FO (Ravelry link) yesterday in Ravelry. It looks soo nice and soooo familiar. Guess what? It’s my Dahlia! YUP! Isn’t it so gorgeous? When I read her note, I got a goose bump all over my body. She called me genius! Hahahahaha! Me… Genius…. I could not pass through the door after that due the size of my head.

But seriously, when I read how she did the color change, I was amazed. Because of wanted to avoid cutting and re-attaching yarn (to avoid ends), she used 11 balls of yarn simultaneously, and she even managed to create her own “devise” to be able to do that.

See what I mean? She really put a lot of work into this project.

Lets see some details, shall we.....

Sighhhhhh!!! (I am very happy, can you tell?)

Edited to Add:

Although I managed to sell quite many of my Dahlia Top pattern, I only saw a handful of FOs. Some people even complain about the complexity of this pattern. I guess not everybody like to do math before they even begin, which is a must since you can make this pattern using any yarn or hook, so you have to know your own gauge and based on that gauge and your body measurement, you calculate the number of beginning chain you have to crochet.

Someday, I want to make Dahlia again using DK or even worsted yarn, just to show how it looks like, because I know not everybody like to work with thread or fingering yarn.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Girls in Pink

This year Chinese New Year falls on the same date as Valentine’s, so it’s only appropriate if we were wearing pink color outfits to go visiting.

By the way, did you notice my pink crocheted bolero? It’s a sneak peak of my new design. I still haven’t got the time to do a proper photo shoot. I love this bolero, it’s easy to make and very fast. Only need about 10 hours to make. Actually I have made 3 boleros so far: green, purple and pink. I will post them as soon as I manage to take the photos.

Fiori drinking tea while visiting

Lauri was happily playing fireworks

Fiori was crying because she was not allowed to play fireworks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What are they pointing at?

Quick update: Last week my girls down with flu. Now it's my turn to have it. I am so lazy to download my new project, so here old photos of my darlings.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all who celebrate!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

FO: Garden Path Crocheted Shawl

This is actually 2009 project (read my previous post about this project) but I just finished writing the pattern today. I am really exciting about this project. It had a very difficult start but in the end it is really worth all the trouble. I made 2 versions, one is larger than the other. This is the smaller or scarf version.

Pattern: Garden Path Crocheted Shawl
Source: It will be ready next month (I hope)
Materials: Miami Four Season 100% Cotto. Color 18 (blue) dyelot 203
Qty: 2 x 50 gram (110 m/120 yards per ball) I split the yarn into 3, so total I have 720 yards
Needles: Clover Hook size 3.5 (E)
Start Date: 2 December 2009
Finish Date: 17 December 2009

As usual I need testers for this. I need tester for the scarf version and also for the shawl version. I need tester that able to follow the written instruction only. Although the final pattern will have the nice diagram as always, I want to make sure that people can understand my written instruction. To tell you the truth, I actually can not understand my own written instruction, so I really need testers that ready to have headache.


I forgot to tell you the finished size.
Scarf: 47" across top edge, 23" long from centre top to point
Shawl: 84" across top edge, 40" long from centre top to point

And please let me know your email address so I can contact you.

I have enough testers.