Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flower Button Small Bag

I finally managed to put the lining. I used recycled black fabric (it used to be Hubby’s slack). Also put a zipper. A Zipper is a must, since I don’t want all my things come out if I drop my bag. I want all my things are secured inside.

Here are the lists of things that I can put inside:
1. Name card holder
2. Key chain holder (also function as my wallet)
3. Tissue
4. Camera
5. Hand sanitizer
6. Lip gloss
7. Hand phone

Pattern: Flower Button Small Bag
Source: My Own
Materials: Karabella Vintage Cotton (100% cotton, pink), Honeysuckle Yarns by Elmore-Pisgah (100% cotton, white), Local thread (100% acrylic, black)
Hook: Tulip Crochet Hook size 7 (4 mm)
Total Cost: USD .50 for the zipper, the yarn is leftover, the lining and the button is recycled.
Start Date: 16 January 2007
Finish Date: 16 February 2007
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Took me 1 month to finish this project because I also did other project in between. Also I don’t really like single crochet. It bored me to death. I enjoyed attaching the button, the lining and the zipper, though.

Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that I made this bag because I admired Futuregirl’s bags so much. Before I did this bag, I think her price is in the expensive side, but after made it myself, I think her price is cheap :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pillow Case

I like the babette blanket that I made so much and decided to make the matching pillow and bolster case for Lauri. I could not find any nice fabric in my local shop, so I went shopping in ebay.

Then I found this material. It’s 100% cotton Loralie Harris fabric.

I attached white cotton label with Lauri name embroidered on it.

I still have some leftover fabric, I plan to cut the heart shape and do some appliqu├ęs in white cotton for the matching bed sheet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Failed Blanket and A Bag

Remember this granny square blanket project? I decided that I didn’t like the color and put it aside. Then I started another blanket. This time I used one color only. I used the yarn that I bought from Elmore Pisgah. It’s called Naturalee. The color is dusty rose. They used natural dyes. After made about 12 squares, I decided to wash one of the squares to see how it looks like after washing and blocking. To my horror, the color bleeds very badly! But, since I made the blanket only use one color, I supposed it didn’t matter.

But, after it dried, I notice the color faded unevenly. It looked awful! I didn’t even want to take photo of it. I have total 6 balls x 50 gram. I don’t know what I am going to do with them.

Anyway, I still have something to show you all. From the leftover yarn of my Empire top, I decided to make a matching bag. Since 1 ball was not enough to make a bag, I also mixed with white color (the leftover from the Babette blanket). The pink yarn is sport weight, and the white one is worsted weight, so I split the white yarn into two to make them the same weight.

However, there were still not enough yarns to finish the bag. In the end I just used black acrylic thread (double it). The result, the black seems too strong. To balance the whole thing, I just embroidered some flowers and attached some buttons.

Now, I just need to buy black zipper and line the bag before able to wear it.

Happy Chinese New Year

It's a bit late, but Lauri wants to say Happy Chinese New Year to everybody who celebrate it!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Playing Bubbles

Last week, we planned to play kite again. However, there was no strong wind. Thus, we played bubbles. See how happy Lauri was! This was her first time.

By the way, Lauri has already adjusted well with her study. She enjoys her lessons and improved a lot. For only short period 2 weeks, she now has better control of her hand. She can hold the pencil nicely, write and draw better. On Saturday and Sunday, she even wants to go to school.

Last Wednesday, she had a fight with a boy! Yup a boy. It’s all started while we were waiting to be picked up in the sitting room. This boy somehow hit Lauri’s friend (a girl), then Lauri scolded the boy. Then when the boy wanted to hit again, Lauri moved away his hand, then they started to hit to each other. Somehow Lauri managed to hit his eyes, and the boy report to the teacher that Lauri hit him. To my surprise, Lauri abled to defend herself and said that the boy also hit her. Thus, in the end the teacher asked the boy to sit somewhere else.

I don’t know. Somehow Lauri is so girly yet she is a tomboy too.