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Friday, October 23, 2009

Miniature Gallery

My brother has a small shop back in Indonesia. Actually it is belong to my parents but he rent it from them. He sold magazines, stickers, jigsaw puzzle and stuff. The last time I went there, I saw that he imported some interesting miniature DIY items. I brought back some but never got a chance to do it. I still don’t, however, somehow my husband got the urge to do it when he was on leave recently. Thus, this is the result:

Not very neat since the whole things only measures 8” x 7” and need very delicate finger to do it, and his finger just not suitable for these things. LOL! However, if you look from a far, it still looks pretty.

I still have several more with different theme. One of them is fabric shop. Too bad there is no yarn shop available.


soknitpicky said...

That is so awesome! I've always been fascinated by miniatures

Mimi said...

Love it, so cute!