Thursday, May 19, 2016

Outlander MCAL

Outlander is a beautiful triangle shape shawl that both enjoyable to make and easy to wear. This shawl can be made both in lace or fingering weight yarn. As with all my other patterns, this pattern comes with row-by-row written direction in US crochet term and charts.

Lace weight:
800 (1050, 1400, 1700) yards / 730 (960, 1280, 1555) meter.
1 (2, 2, 3) skeins of Rendezvous Pleasure 40% Cashmere/60% Silk; 880 yards /100g)
Fingering weight: 500 (750, 1000, 1250) yards / 460 (685, 915, 1150) meter.
2 (2, 3, 3) skeins of Rendezvous Timeless 50% Alpaca/25% Silk/25% Linen; 440 yards/100g)

2.75 mm (C) for lace weight yarn.
3.75 mm (F) for fingering weight yarn.
0.60 mm (16 US) steel crochet hook for beads (optional),

Removable stitch markers or scrap yarn.
526 (737, 984, 1265) size 8 beads for lace weight yarn (optional).
351 (526, 737, 984) size 6 beads for fingering weight yarn (optional).

Level: Intermediate.

Finished measurements:
Lace Weight:
Wingspan: 55 (65, 76, 86)" / 140 (166, 192, 219) cm.
Length at center back: 27 (31.5, 36, 41)" / 68 (80, 92, 104) cm.

Fingering Weight:
Wingspan: 51 (63, 75, 87)” / 130 (160, 190, 220) cm 
Length at center back: 24.5 (30, 35.5, 41)" / 62 (76, 90, 104) cm

The Mystery CAL is divided into 4 Clues published every Thursday starting on July 14th, 2016.
1st Clue: July 14th
2nd Clue: July 21st
3rd Clue: August 4th
4th Clue: August 11th

To participate into "Outlander” Mystery CAL, you can buy the clues only for USD 6,- or the e-book for USD 18,- Payment by Paypal and delivery by Ravelry, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted.

Outlander Pattern only
USD 6,-
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Shawl Collection to Crochet 3 ebook (consist of 4 patterns: Proud as a Peacock, Secret Garden, Wheel of Time, Outlander)
USD 18,-
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You can buy "Outlander" kit from my Etsy store. For this Kit, your will receive:
- Two (2) skeins or three (3) of Rendezvous Timeless (75% Alpaca / 25% Silk / 25% Linen) 440 yards/100 gram/skein enough to make Medium or XL size shawl.
- Size 6 Toho/Miyuki beads enough to complete the project
- Removable markers (3 pcs).
- Dental floss (2 or 3 strands)
- Pattern is NOT INCLUDED in this kit. You need to buy separately.
- Knitting Bag (optional).

- The kits are in limited quantity, once sold out, it's gone.
- For bigger yarn photos, click here.
- Payment by Paypal, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted. Shipping is FREE (please make sure to update your shipping address in Paypal). Please allow 10 - 21 days to reach your hand.
- Latest date to order: June 2nd, 2016.
- If you have the e-book: Shawl Collection to Crochet 3, you don't have to buy the pattern/clues. 

Project Set-up:
- Once you bought the pattern or the e-book, you’ll receive a notification every time a new clue is uploaded.
- You also need to sign up here, and check from time to time for tips, additional information or revision.
- On your Ravelry Project Page: Click photo, then choose slurp from web, copy and paste this link:
- Use the hashtag #OutlanderMCAL on Ravelry, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Additional Information:
At the end of the MCAL, the participants will receive a copy of the complete pattern at no additional cost. Pattern is protected by copyright, so participants in the MCAL are required to not distribute copies of the clues or copies of the whole pattern.

Info about the yarn for the Kit:
Weight: Fingering
Fibers: 75% Alpaca / 25% Silk / 25% Linen
Yardage: 440 yards / 100g
Hand Wash/lay flat to dry using bleach-free detergent.
May bleed slightly upon first wash.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Rendezvous Timeless 

Info about the yarn:
Weight: Fingering
Fibers: 50% Alpaca/25% Silk/25% Linen
Yardage/Weight: approx. 400 m / 440 yards / 100g
Hand Wash/lay flat to dry using bleach-free detergent.
May bleed slightly upon first wash.