Friday, November 20, 2009

Magazine Folder

We always buy Fiori’s milk powder by a dozen complete with the master carton box. I always recycled the box and make it into something useful (I found this kind of box is sturdy and the color is neutral). This time, I made magazine folder since I really need to organize my desk. Using two of below master carton, I can make 5 magazine folders. Now my desk looked tidy plus I could save some money. Store bought magazine folder costs about RM 7 or USD 2, since I made 5 magazine folders, I saved about RM 35,- or USD 10,-

Milk master carton box


Magazine folder


Mimi said...

It looks very neat, Lily!
I love collecting all sort of boxes and containers - hope I can come up with something useful too :)

opportunityknits said...

that's a good way to recycle :)

Laura Z said...

Brilliant idea :)