Thursday, December 17, 2009

Handmade Gift Ideas

When people know that you are good in knitting and crocheting, they expect you give something handmade to them. They don't know how much times and efforts that goes into handmade stuffs. Sometimes they even think that handmade stuffs is given because it is cheaper than buying in the store. This is one of the reasons why I don’t give people my handmade stuffs. I only make things for people than really appreciate my creation.

Anyway, yesterday I created this gorgeous crocheted flower that can be made in less than an hour, so it's perfect for gift as well. This flower required no seaming at all. I used my leftover yarn from my Orchid top and the button is a button from my old dress. The result is about 4" or 10 cm in diameter. I plan to make this for necklace, belt, and pin as well. Yesterday, when I wore this as a bracelet, a lot of people complimented it.

Crocheted Flower as Bracelet

Crocheted Flower in Hair

Crocheted Flower

Pattern: No-Seaming Crocheted Flower
Source: Here
Materials: Elann Sonata. Color: Victorian Grape
Qty: 1 ball to make 2 or 3 pcs
Needles: Clover Hook size 3.5 (E)
Start Date: 14 December 2009
Finish Date: 14 December 2009


Cristina Salgueiro said...

Very cute. It is amazing that sometimes little simple things just makes more view that the ones that we work so hard ;)

Mimi said...

I love the crochet flower! Nice pics too :D