Monday, November 02, 2009

New Pillowcases

When I was blog hopping (somewhere in mid July), somebody mentioned about “Pink Chalk Studio”, I went there and saw that she has a sale. After several days resisting not to buy anything, finally I “lost” the battle and bought Narrow Stripe in Forest - Chestnut Hill Collection by Joel Dewberry at USD 5.60/yard. I bought 7 yards to make pillow and bolster cases. I calculated that 7 yards is enough to make 5 pillow cases and 4 bolster cases, which is exactly the number of pillows and bolsters in my bed. I know .... I got too many. Sometimes there was not enough place for me to sleep.

As usual, I made a simple pillow cases but to make it special, I embroidered our names on the right bottom corner.

Close up

Matching with Fiori's green crocheted blanket

The button


Mimi said...

Love the striped fabric and the embroidery!

Laura Z said...

Love the embroidery --- what was the trick for having so consistently even?