Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

Keeping in Touch

My friend A from Thailand (she has a very long name, so we are just called her A) just e-mail me saying that she is getting married next month. She was my class mate in US. Beside her, I still keep in touch with the other class mate. Sophie from China and May Ling from Taiwan. We were the only international student in the class. It happens that all of us are girls.

Thanks to the internet, we are still able to keep in touch.

My mother once told me that her grandfather, in order to get a better life, went back to China and left the pregnant wife and 4 childrens. The plan was, once he settled, he would pick them all. However, somehow there were no news from him EVER. Probably the ship sunk and he died. Another possibility was that he made it to China and somehow could not contact the wife, then got married and started a new life. There was no phone, no e-mail, no internet connection at that time.

The possibility that I might have relative that I never know make me freak out.

Anyway, the blue cardigan is making a nice progress. I almost reach the armpit decrease. Oh ya, before I forgot, here the pattern that I attempt to make:

The other day, when I am about to take this photo my battery is off, so I have to recharge my battery first. It’s from the same book as the white cardigan. However, the original pattern does not have shaping on the waist, so I made some modification there.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Lauri akhir akhir ini senang sama bola. Bola apa saja, kecil besar pokoknya bentuknya bulat. Padahal dulu pertama kali dibelikan bola dia nggak tertarik sama sekali. Sekarang dia paling seneng. Tidurpun maunya megang bola.

Nah yang untuk tidur ini aku pinjam bola golfnya James. Supaya dia bisa tidur sambil megang bola. Kalo bola biasa soalnya kegedean. Kalo bola golf khan enak, bisa digenggam sama dia.

Satu lagi, Lauri sekarang paling seneng makan es batu. Kalo aku minum air es, dia minta es batunya.

Daster yang dipake Lauri di atas adalah daster yang aku beli di Tunjungan Plaza pas pulang pertama kali sama Lauri. Cuma Rp 6000. Murah ya.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Projects

Since I have finished my Kiri Shawl, I can start another project. I started not only 1 but 2 project at the same time. One is crochet and the other is knit project.

Let me describe the crochet first. Remember Lauri Cardigan? I love the Miami Four Season yarn, so I kind of wondering how it looks if I use it for crochet project. However, this yarn is kind of thick for crochet. For crochet I like to work with thin yarn/thread so the result not too bulky although it is time consuming to finish. When I was working with Four Season yarn, I found the yarn split a lot. It’s nine ply yarn. I experimenting with this yarn by splitting it by three (see the photo on the left side). Thus, I got 3-ply yarn. Just a nice thickness to crochet. I know…I know… I am crazy, but after crochet several row, I like the result. So, I will continue doing it. By the way, I am making cardigan again since I like the result on my white cardigan project and I wear it a lot.

As for the knitting project, I found this yarn on cheap sale. It’s Croft Nylon DK, 100% nylon, 20 gram each and made in England. The best part is each only cost me RM 0.80 or USD 0.22! Yup very cheap. After swatching using my 3.5 mm Addi needle, I found that it is too tight and bulky, so again I split the yarn (somehow splitting yarn become a habit). I plan to make a top using this yarn using a top-down knitting method. I don’t know how it looks like yet. Hopefully it will turn out nice.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Lauri in Toy-R-Us

Ini gaya Lauri kalo ke Toy-R-Us. Dia suka maen di sana, terutama ke bagian soft toys. Dia juga suka mencet mencet kalo ada tombolnya. Kalo pas dipencet keluar music dia pasti joged. Suatu ketika pas dia mainan ada anak lain (cowo dan kayaknya lebih tua dari Lauri) yang juga pengen dengan mainan itu. Tapi mainan yang dia pegang nggak bisa keluar musik (wong belon dipencet tombolnya). Berhubung maenan dia nggak bisa keluar music, dia ngrebut maenan yang dipegang Lauri. Sama Lauri dikasihkan, terus dia ambil maenan lainnya. Celakanya, mainan yang direbut ini setelah musicnya habis, dia nggak tahu cara mencet tombolnya lagi. Jadi dia berusaha ngrebut maenan yang lagi dipegang Lauri. Kali ini aku turun tangan dan Lauri aku gandeng pergi ke tempat lain jauh dari anak itu.

Lauri lagi senang senang nya belajar ngomong. Kalo dia nggak tau apa nama barang yang lagi dipegang, dia suka tanya. Caranya tanya: Dia pegang barang itu ato ditunjuk sambil ngomong: “This is ……..? (terus dia liat aku). Kalo aku bilang: Shoes, sama dia diulang lagi: This is shoes.

Suatu saat waktu aku nyetel filem cartoon Mulan untuk Lauri, dia tanya: This is….? Aku jawab Mulan. Nah seminggu kemudian waktu aku nyetel Mulan lagi, pas filem baru mulai adegan pertama tiba-tiba dia bilang: This is Mulan. Sampe aku kaget kok dia masih ingat kalo itu filem Mulan.

Lauri juga suka memperhatikan orang kali lagi pake sepatu. Terutama kalo James pake sepatu dia perhatikan. James khan sebelum pake kaos kaki, dia pake talcum powder (untuk kaki). Nah, suatu hari pas Lauri lagi mainan di lantai, James mau pergi dan pake sepatu. Pas James mau pake kaos kaki, sama Lauri bedaknya dikasihkan ke papa nya. Dia ingat kalo sebelum kaos kaki harus pake bedak duluan. Hehehehehehe.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My First Shawl

Finally my Kiri is DONE….or I decided that I got enough of it and done with it after 18 repeats. This was my first attempt of making shawl. I kind of like it. Although the beginning was very slow since I haven’t memorize the pattern yet and keep looking at the instruction.

Pattern: Kiri Shawl
Source: Here
Materials: 100% Cotton DMC Tradition Natural color (2 balls x 400 yards)
Needles: 3.75 mm Pony circular needle
Total Cost: RM 12.5 x 2 = RM25 or USD 6.75
Start Date: 29 July 2006
Finish Date: 14 Sep 2006

During the process of blocking, to my horror, I realized that the color of the shawl is different, I mean the shawl has 2 different shade of color. I checked my stash and I found out that the 10 balls of DMC that I got from e-bay has 2 different lot numbers and 5 balls has darker color compare to the other 5 balls. Just my luck that I picked up 2 different balls when I knitted this shawl. Now, I have 3 choices: unravel until the part when the color is different and continue with the matching color, dye the shawl with darker color, or leave it as it is and think the 2 tone color is on purpose.

From this above picture, you can see the 2 different shade colors

I tied the shawl on the back to get the shrug effect and freed my hand

Anyway, I saw this and this finished shawl and make me want to make another one. I was thinking to use the Sundara yarn. But, after checking out the price: WOW. That is too expensive for my pocket (not to mention have to add the shipping cost).

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lauri's Favourite Fruits

Kecil-kecil dia udah punya buah favourite lho. Dia paling doyan makan lengkeng. Kalo udah liat lengkeng wah dia langsung ketawa ketawa. Selain lengkeng dia juga seneng makan jeruk. Kalo udah liat jeruk, pasti dia minta: want.....

Selain itu dia juga suka mangga. Dia bisa ngabisin mangga separo sekali makan. Kalo jeruk bisa habis satu biji. Kalo lengkeng aku batasin 5 ato 6 biji sekali makan. Soale khan takut panas.

Sekarang Lauri sukanya ngomong: WHY? Kalo aku nyuruh dia apa, selalu dijawab Why? Cara ngomong why juga kayak orang beneran tanya.

Di TV khan ada iklan "Miss World Vote For Me". Terus ada adegan salah satu peserta ngacungkan jari sambil bilang "Vote for Me!!". Lauri tiap kali liat iklan itu juga selalu ikutan teriak: Vote for Me!! sambil ngacungkan tangan juga.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just my thought

Have you ever experienced that when you want to write something you ended up writing totally different thing? It happened to me on my previous entry.

After wrote that post, I still keep thinking about the past. How was the life in close community. When everybody knows everybody. They knows who did what and who bought what or who fighting with who. They all very busy body too. No such thing like mind your own business.

If you have big argument with your husband for example, you will find a bunch of people in front of your house looking at you. Yes really. I am not joking.

If you are a stranger and you happen to pass by, you can be assured that many eyes will following your step.

I just thinking, if you happen to live in this kind of neighborhood, probably you will finish your project faster. Otherwise, everybody start talking about it. Or at least you will think that way.

Eerrr, my kiri is not done yet. Here is the photo with a lifeline dangling. I need to put a lifeline as although I am a slow knitter, I am still capable to make mistake. I always count the stiches everytime I finish one row. Most of the time, my stiches was not add up. Managed to forgot the YO several times (OK, very often).

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Safety Belt

Kadang-kadang kalo makan di coffe shop, baby chair nya kotor-kotor. Jadi daripada kena hand foot and mouth desease lagi, mending aku nggak pake baby chair.
Aku pake kursi biasa ditumpuk dua ato tiga, terus supaya Lauri nggak merosot jatuh, aku pake safety belt alias belt nya koper hehehehe.

No High Chair in Cofee Shop

Minggu ini Lauri rewel sekali. Makan nggak mau. Jadi tidurnya juga terganggu. Jam 5 ato 6 pagi bangun, minta susu. Terus celakanya nggak isa tidur lagi. Kayaknya dia perut sakit. Nggak tau salah makan apa. Kalo nggak perut sakit, pantatnya gatel. Jadi minta garuk. Dia frustasi nggak bisa garuk sendiri berhubung ada diaper. jadi akhirnya diapernya aku buka selama 30 menit. Lucunya begitu dia puas nggaruk, dia minta sendiri untuk dipasangi diaper lagi. Dia bilang: Diaper... diaper.....

Kemarin, dia top rewelnya. Nggak mau makan sesendok pun. Mungkin karena nggak senang sama makanannya. Akhirnya aku bikinkan Indoe Mie Goreng. Aku bikin 2 biji. Satu setengah porsi untuk aku, yang setengah untuk dia. Khusus untuk lauri cuma aku kasih kecap dan minyaknya aja. Bumbunya nggak aku kasih karena "high sodium content". Malamnya dia tidur pulas sampe 11 siang.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pose The FOs

Per Doreen request to model the Anthropology Capelet, I updated my last post. Pls click here.
And as I was in the modelling mood and my hubby was around to take the picture, I also modelled my white crocheted cardigan. Please click here.