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Friday, September 14, 2007

Tricky Lauri

Lauri is getting very smart and now already trying to outsmart me. The other day, while we were waiting in the car while DH was filling the gas, she was trying to open my handbag. I told her not to. You know what she said: “Mommy, look at outside! So nice flower there.”
Yup! She is trying to distract my attention so she could open my bag. Such a tricky girl!

Then yesterday, she was trying to change the TV channel, but the remote control was not working. She said: “Mommy, the control is broken. Wait, Lauri fix first.” Then she flipped the remote and opened the battery cover and said: “No more battery already, ask Papa to fix, OK!”


Cristina said...

Yes, it looks like kids our days are becaming more smart everyday! I don't remenber being so smart at all, but it was other times also.
Love that sweater also.

Annie said...

Lauri is so smart and cute! Look at her, she is always ever ready to pose for you to take a nice pic of her! :)