Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Am Excited!!

Remember my complain in previous post? Payloadz freezed my FREE account because my sales already reached US100 within 30-days period. They asked me to upgrade to the next level, which have to pay USD 15/month. Well, I decided not to upgrade and send my pattern manually instead.

Yesterday, somebody from E-Jungky e-mailed me, and offered me a free trial for their services. For 2 years!!!!! I went to their website to look. I saw that they do have a free trial, but only for 1 week. Confused, I emailed that person back, and said that I could not find the free for 2 years service. You know what she said? She said that that offer was especially for ME!!! Wow! I was so flattered and excited.

I saw in their price list they are more reasonable than Payloadz (see E-Junky price list here, Payloadz price list here). Their next level (after the 1 week free trial) is only USD 5 monthly fee, this is limited for 10 downloaded patterns and 50 MB hosting space, but they are not limit your sales like payloadz. Thus, I think this is more worth it.

If you subscribe my blog, I am so sorry that you have to see my “Pattern for Sale” posts again, as I have to change the setting. I hope this is the last change.

If any of you interested in E-Jungky free trial, Robin (the E-Junky developer) offers not only 1-week trial, but 3-months free trial, especially for you. Just plug in the code “iknit” in promotional code box when you sign in.


Anonymous said...

Just tried that code, it gave a 92 day trial. It seems it's 3 months, not 3 weeks!!

Lily said...

Opps! I am too excited until could not differentiate 3 months and 3 weeks :) I already edited my post. Thanks for let me know.

Zia said...

You are so lucky to get 2 years free trial!!
And you make such lovely things. :)