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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Progress On Empire Top (20%)

I start my third ball already. I separate the sleeves and already join the front and knit in a round. It’s ribbing time!
I just tried it, and it looks good. Still looks wonky and uneven, but I believe that can be fixed by blocking later.

As you can see from the photo, it still looks plain. However, I could see the final result in my mind. It will look gorgeous, at least on me!

What is the orange line you ask? Oh that is my lifelines. Yes! I still use lifelines. In case I need to frog or if I make a mess somehow.

Edit: I just changed the photo as the previous one is too dark.


Annie said...

The colour of this yarn is sweet! Another 80% to go... jia yu!

Mimi said...

That is really fast Lily, looking good! Hope I can get some knitting tips from you if ever I try to knit ;)

Lis said...

Oh, I really love the colour of this yarn. Can't wait to see the FO. By the way, I've tagged you for 8 things about me. Come take a look. :)

Cristina said...

That is going very well ;)
Can't wait to see the Empire top done!

mimosa said...

I love the colour and the yarn , and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Empire Top !

Vicki said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Please keep going with yours and dont be disheartened, you've got a great site here!

Lots of love,

Vicki x

Lesalicious said...

Hi love your blog seen some of your projects on the CVille great job on all your work. Keep up the great work.

Lauri said...

Hi I just start my blog and my name is the same like your DD

Vicki said...

You've been tagged!! Please check out my blog for details!!

Vicki x