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Monday, September 10, 2007

Lauri New Words

Nowadays Lauri picks up words very fast. Sometimes I did not even teach certain words, but she knew them already. Probably she picked them up from TV. Like the other day, she saw a helicopter toy (belong to the father), then she said: “Look Mommy, it’s an aeroplane!” then after 2 second she added, “No, this is not aeroplane, this is helicopter.” I had never taught her helicopter word before. Then she also can say mountain, dragon and dinosaurus when she saw them (on TV not in real life, hahahahaha). She also now able to use fancy words like: Amazing, wonderful, excellent.

Eating noodle in Sakae Sushi (Queensbay Mall)

Asking me to kiss her

Posed with a clown

My mom and dad gave her a lion soft toy on their last visit a month ago. It becomes her favorite toy. Yesterday, I asked Lauri, who gave that lion because I wanted to check whether she still remember it. Her answer was: “Akong and Ama give lion to Lauri” Yes! She still remember it!

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Mimi said...

Wonderful pics! You and Lauri are lucky to be able to have this online journal that shows how she grows up. Just wonderful :D
I have a lot of photos of my sons when they were small, but the problem with me is that I don't remember the funny and cute stuff and stories about their childhood...