Monday, March 05, 2007

Japanese Crocheted Book

I got so many question regarding the pattern for the blue crocheted top that I just finished recently. Below is the cover looks like:

And the back:

The ISBN number is 4-529-03528-x. It has so many nice designs that I would like to make. All crocheted. So far, I only made 2 patterns from this book. The first is the white crocheted cardigan and the second is the blue crocheted top.

I bought this book about 6 years ago before I got married and still lived in Indonesia. It cost me about USD 21,-

Actually the pattern on the cover that made me bought this book. However in the end I decided not to make this pattern as it is consist of 113 parts. I am afraid that if I don't like the result, I won't be able to reuse the yarn as it is already cut into that much of pcs.


Jackie said...

Found this book in one of the old craft store.

had reserved it, will collect this saturday.

hoping there is something i like (never crochet clothing before)

would love to try after looking at your works.

tks for the inspiration.

Mimi said...

The top on the cover looks really pretty! Thnks for showing the pics ;)

Jackie said...

Got the book.

Hopfully there is one piece that i like to start with.

eluna said...

Hello LiliGo,

I am typing from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and would love to get that book.

Can you please scan BAR code or something so I can find it at amazon or similar? If you know the site where I could buy it I would be grateful to get it.

I am crocheting from a childhood, but till now mostly for myself and friends. Also, I am handcrafting jewelry. You can see some photos at (search for eluna) where I have two blogs :)

All the best and hope to hear from you.

Alema Misilo

Lily said...

Hi Eluna,
I think you can read the ISBN number in my post and if you click the photo, you also can see the bar code. You can try to look for it in ebay or amazon.

IVELISE said...

Hi Lily, I wish to make thei crochet cardigan too...I am taking "courage' enough to start it! This is wonderful...Kisses...:-))))

Lily said...

Yay! Any idea which pattern do you want to make?