Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh My God!

Lately, Lauri likes to say “Oh my God!” If she sees something cute, she will say “Oh my God, it’s so cute” .Last week, she saw her DVD on the floor (her father dropped it), she stopped walking, looked at the floor and said “Oh my God, it’s my CD.”

She can count 1 to 1o, she can recognize some alphabets, and she can wear her own blouse and button it up. She also now likes to choose her own clothes after taking a bath. She is 15 kg and 93 cm tall. Everybody thinks she is 3 or 4 years old, but she is only 2. Even I, sometimes forget that she is still 2 years old.

Her father keep asking me to teach her how to write alphabets, because he said last time he knew how to write A to Z and 1 to 10 by 2 years old. I tried many times, but she simply refused to write the letter, she just wants to write her own way. I know she can do it if she really put her mind into it.

In this Chinese New Year, we tried to teach her to say: Gong Xi Fat Choi, but she only remembered the last two words: Fat Choi. When she got angpao (red envelope contain money), she directly opened the envelope, took the money out and put it inside her bag and threw away the envelope. Nobody teaches her that! Last Chinese new year, she just ignored the angpao. What is she going to do next year?


Anonymous said...

"Oh my God" cute pictures!! Just kidding of course but out of the mouth of babes! Adorable photos - your daughter is really cute.

Chie said...

Hi Lily,
Thank you for visiting my blog!
What a beautiful little girl you have!!
I hope you like the tawashi pattern, but I personally think you could come up with a better one, seeing all of your great projects! :D Absolutely LOVE your sage cardigan, you are very talented!