Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Photos From My Trip to My Hometown (Part-3)

When I brought Lauri to my hometown in Indonesia the first time, she was only 5 months old. The second time was in May last year. She was only 1 year 7 months and still could not talk properly. I had to re-introduce her to my parent (her Akong and Ama). She was a bit shy, but after sometimes she was OK and willing to play with them. However, once she got back home in Malaysia, she had no memory of them.

Tasting The Wedding Cake

Sitting in The Cafe

Last January, when I brought Lauri to Indonesia again, I had to re-introduce her again with her Akong and Ama. However, this time she could talk more properly. She likes her Akong more than her Ama (I think because my father likes little kid). When she got home, even until now, she still can remember them. If she saw them in the photo, immediately she said: “This is Amaaaaa, Akoooong”. Then before she went to sleep, sometimes she include her Akong and Ama on her saying good night list.

On The Plane

Putting Powder Before Landed

Actually between this visit (January 07) and the last visit (May 06), only 8 months different, but you really can see the different.

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