Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Projects

Since I have finished my Kiri Shawl, I can start another project. I started not only 1 but 2 project at the same time. One is crochet and the other is knit project.

Let me describe the crochet first. Remember Lauri Cardigan? I love the Miami Four Season yarn, so I kind of wondering how it looks if I use it for crochet project. However, this yarn is kind of thick for crochet. For crochet I like to work with thin yarn/thread so the result not too bulky although it is time consuming to finish. When I was working with Four Season yarn, I found the yarn split a lot. It’s nine ply yarn. I experimenting with this yarn by splitting it by three (see the photo on the left side). Thus, I got 3-ply yarn. Just a nice thickness to crochet. I know…I know… I am crazy, but after crochet several row, I like the result. So, I will continue doing it. By the way, I am making cardigan again since I like the result on my white cardigan project and I wear it a lot.

As for the knitting project, I found this yarn on cheap sale. It’s Croft Nylon DK, 100% nylon, 20 gram each and made in England. The best part is each only cost me RM 0.80 or USD 0.22! Yup very cheap. After swatching using my 3.5 mm Addi needle, I found that it is too tight and bulky, so again I split the yarn (somehow splitting yarn become a habit). I plan to make a top using this yarn using a top-down knitting method. I don’t know how it looks like yet. Hopefully it will turn out nice.

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opportunityknits said...

That's such an interesting way to get finer yarn :)