Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My First Shawl

Finally my Kiri is DONE….or I decided that I got enough of it and done with it after 18 repeats. This was my first attempt of making shawl. I kind of like it. Although the beginning was very slow since I haven’t memorize the pattern yet and keep looking at the instruction.

Pattern: Kiri Shawl
Source: Here
Materials: 100% Cotton DMC Tradition Natural color (2 balls x 400 yards)
Needles: 3.75 mm Pony circular needle
Total Cost: RM 12.5 x 2 = RM25 or USD 6.75
Start Date: 29 July 2006
Finish Date: 14 Sep 2006

During the process of blocking, to my horror, I realized that the color of the shawl is different, I mean the shawl has 2 different shade of color. I checked my stash and I found out that the 10 balls of DMC that I got from e-bay has 2 different lot numbers and 5 balls has darker color compare to the other 5 balls. Just my luck that I picked up 2 different balls when I knitted this shawl. Now, I have 3 choices: unravel until the part when the color is different and continue with the matching color, dye the shawl with darker color, or leave it as it is and think the 2 tone color is on purpose.

From this above picture, you can see the 2 different shade colors

I tied the shawl on the back to get the shrug effect and freed my hand

Anyway, I saw this and this finished shawl and make me want to make another one. I was thinking to use the Sundara yarn. But, after checking out the price: WOW. That is too expensive for my pocket (not to mention have to add the shipping cost).


opportunityknits said...

It's beautiful, love the pointed edges, my fave part. This is your 2nd knit project, you're really good at knitting!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. =) Incidentally, I like the effect. I made a shawl recently (FBS) with similar effect and I find it more interesting than conventionally one-coloured shawls.

Anonymous said...

I am from India.I love your shawl.It looks very exclusive.I had too wait a very long time to see it.I have a slow internet connection and it opens pages with pictures very slowly.I enjoy doing shawls but crocheted ones.I had taken part in an exhibition where all craft things were kept. I had made 25 shawls. Almost all got sold.