Friday, September 29, 2006

Keeping in Touch

My friend A from Thailand (she has a very long name, so we are just called her A) just e-mail me saying that she is getting married next month. She was my class mate in US. Beside her, I still keep in touch with the other class mate. Sophie from China and May Ling from Taiwan. We were the only international student in the class. It happens that all of us are girls.

Thanks to the internet, we are still able to keep in touch.

My mother once told me that her grandfather, in order to get a better life, went back to China and left the pregnant wife and 4 childrens. The plan was, once he settled, he would pick them all. However, somehow there were no news from him EVER. Probably the ship sunk and he died. Another possibility was that he made it to China and somehow could not contact the wife, then got married and started a new life. There was no phone, no e-mail, no internet connection at that time.

The possibility that I might have relative that I never know make me freak out.

Anyway, the blue cardigan is making a nice progress. I almost reach the armpit decrease. Oh ya, before I forgot, here the pattern that I attempt to make:

The other day, when I am about to take this photo my battery is off, so I have to recharge my battery first. It’s from the same book as the white cardigan. However, the original pattern does not have shaping on the waist, so I made some modification there.

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