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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just my thought

Have you ever experienced that when you want to write something you ended up writing totally different thing? It happened to me on my previous entry.

After wrote that post, I still keep thinking about the past. How was the life in close community. When everybody knows everybody. They knows who did what and who bought what or who fighting with who. They all very busy body too. No such thing like mind your own business.

If you have big argument with your husband for example, you will find a bunch of people in front of your house looking at you. Yes really. I am not joking.

If you are a stranger and you happen to pass by, you can be assured that many eyes will following your step.

I just thinking, if you happen to live in this kind of neighborhood, probably you will finish your project faster. Otherwise, everybody start talking about it. Or at least you will think that way.

Eerrr, my kiri is not done yet. Here is the photo with a lifeline dangling. I need to put a lifeline as although I am a slow knitter, I am still capable to make mistake. I always count the stiches everytime I finish one row. Most of the time, my stiches was not add up. Managed to forgot the YO several times (OK, very often).

1 comment:

opportunityknits said...

That's so funny, Lily. Maybe if I lived in a community like that I will have to knit in secret so that no one knows all the UFOs I have!