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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yellow Orchid Crocheted Dress for Lauri

Pattern: Orchid Top
Source: Here
Materials: Cosmo by N. Nomura & Co. Ltd. (100% cotton) Color: Yellow. Qty: 4 x 50 gram
Needles: Tulip Crochet Needle 4 mm (G)
Total Cost: Yarn USD 8.5 + Button: USD 0.30
Start Date: 11 May 2007
Finish Date: 12 June 2007
entry about this dress

This dress a bit too big for her, but it means she will be able to wear it longer. She love this dress and so far already wore it twice.

The "Bee" buttons on "Orchid"

Close up


Pink said...

That is adorable, makes me wish I had a little one to make things for.

JL said...

Another nice design of work.

Mimi said...

I also wish I had a daughter (and a mom like you!). How lucky Lauri is to have a beautiful dress made by her mom.

Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Oh, thats adorable~ Lauri looks so pretty in it! Good job! =)

Rina said...

That's *so* cute. Now she has a dress just like her mom's cardi. And those honeybee buttons are too cute for words. Nice work!

Auntie Noo said...

It's gorgeous! She looks wonderful in it!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress I would like to buy the pattern is it for sale?

Lily said...

Just follow the link I gave in source information. Or here is the link:
The pattern is written based on your own measurement. Whether it is for adult or for children.

soknitpicky said...

This is so adorable! Congratulations! I only knit, I don't crochet. But seeing this brings back good memoriesof a cute little pink dress my mom crocheted for me when I was little. Your daughter is so lucky!

Anni said...

What gorgeous dress and your little girls is gorgeous too.