Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tulip Doily

This is my second doily design. I designed the first one long time ago when I was teenager. I still keep it in my parent’s house. In fact when I went home last time, I still saw my doilies everywhere. They are still in a very good condition.

When I made this, I almost stopped halfway because I did not like the overall look. However, after I finished my Sunshine top, and I didn’t know what to do next, I continued and finished it. I love the result! It grows on me. And further, I love it enough to write down the pattern both in English written instruction and in Japanese symbol (like the one you found in Ondori pattern books).

I name it Tulip because the last round looks like tulip to me.

Pattern: My Own
Source: Here
Materials: DMC Tradition. Color: Natural. Qty: 1 ball (plenty leftover)
Needles: Tulip 1.8 mm hook
Total Cost: USD 4.00
Start Date: 29 April 2007
Finish Date: 10 May 2007


Anonymous said...

What a very, very beautiful doily this is! I've always wanted to try my hands at crocheting doilies, but I keep having issues with reading crochet patterns ;( But - one day I'll overcome this and will try it too - in the meantime I just love marvelling at gorgeous ones like yours!

Mimi said...

I love it Lily! Its lacy and flowery, and I think works up fast ;)

Anonymous said...

Very Pretty Doily!!!!!!
I love your work! I am a big fan

Diana said...

This is very beautiful. I've downloaded the pattern. I look forward to some crochetsince I haven't done any in a long time. You are quite talented!!

Anonymous said...

Lily, your doily came out perfect! It is so pretty. I haven't made a doily in quite a while( knitting took over!) but I will have to purchase your pattern and make this one up( perhaps more than once!)
Thank you for sharing it and making it available to the public.