Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lauri's Favourite Restaurant

Along the Gurney Drive, just opposite the beach, there is a restaurant that Lauri always go whenever she “kai kai” (go out) with Bee-Ma and Bee-Pa (grandma and grandpa). She knows all the waiters there. She always says hallo and smile at them. That is why the waiters also likes her. They knows that Lauri doesn’t like to eat food (she is very picky eater), but she likes to eat fruits. So, everytime we go there to eat, they always serve the fruit first and it’s free!

After eating, we normally crossing the road to go to the beach.

Hmmmm...What are they? Let me pick them.

Mommy, look what I have found!

Oops, I make my hand dirty.



WickedStitch said...

Wonderful photos of your daughter!

Jackie said...

We went to the beach e other day, jus like Lauri, Jayne picked sea shell along e shore.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little girl!