Sunday, March 09, 2008

Solution To My Failed Blanket

Remember my post about failed blanket? Well, yesterday somebody emailed me the tip how to wash that.

"Was just reading your blog about the naturally dyed wool that you used for your blanket. Tip: when washing naturally dyed wool, never use laundry detergent - it is designed to digest anything organic, like perspiration, food, and natural dyes! I use hair shampoo (preferably, one for coloured hair), when I wash wool that I've dyed with natural dyes.

You may be able to even out the colour by placing it in a top-loading washing machine, with a good squirt of dish detergent, 2 or 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and raising the temperature to close to boiling, without aggitation. Leave it in the water to cool, moving it gently, from time to time (so the colour doesn't puddle). Then rinse carefully, spin and air dry. (I use a squirt of dish detergent, when dyeing to help the colour to take evenly. The vinegar should help to fix the dye better.)"

I tried to wash one square yesterday with shampoo. I don't have shampoo for coloured hair, so I just use normal shampoo that I normally use. It still bleed, but not too bad, and after it dried, I notice that the color is still nice and even. It works!

Thanks Lyn!

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