Monday, March 10, 2008

FO: Empire Top

Finally I am able to post this FO. This is Empire Top that sketched last year. My mother in law modeled it for me. She is 60 plus, but the top still looks OK on her.

Pattern: My Own

Source: Click here

Materials: Karabella Vintage Cotton. Color: 302 Pink. Dye Lot # 4745. Qty: 9 x 50 gram

Needles: Addi Metal Circular Needle 3.25 mm

Total Cost: Yarn USD 39,- plus shipping USD 15.72,- Total USD 54.72,-

Start Date: 11 September 2007

Finish Date: 5 February 2008

All posts about this project: Here

There is discrepancy between the sketch and the final result. Originally I want to make the lace on the bottom section only, however, in the end I think I like it vertical. I also eliminated the lace on the sleeve.

It took me 5 months to finish this top, because somewhere in between, I lost interest in knitting. Only picked up again when Lauri started kindy. Since I had nothing to do while waiting for her, so I bring my knitting along.

Knitting the top part is interesting, however, it bored me to death knitting the bottom part. But, I have to say that the result is really worth it.

So far this top is my favorite. I wear this top too many times already. If it can talk, I am sure, it already called for help.

The yarn is nice to work with. I bought 10 balls from Sandra Singh. I used up only 9 balls and the remaining become a bag. After so many washing, it holds very well.


Mimi said...

Its very pretty, Lily, congrats!
And how nice, you're MIL can model your top :)

Cristina Salgueiro said...

It is realy pretty. Now i can see better... yes i'm going well...
Thank you for the photos.