Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Granny Square Blanket

I have finished my Empire Top last week. However, I still haven’t washed and blocked it yet. Now I am in the process of writing the pattern. Hopefully I can finish it by next week.

Anybody interested in testing the pattern? I am planning to write the pattern both in sport and DK weight. It needs about 9 balls x 50 gram yarn for size M. Drop me an email if you are interested.

Now, since I am finished with that top, I am making crocheted blanket again. It’s actually not a new project. It’s an old project that I started long time ago. Since I haven’t finished writing down the pattern of the Empire Top, I can’t start designing new project, they will mixed up in my mind. So in the mean time, I am doing this mindless project.


Lillysmuul said...

OOOOO I absolutely love all your designs!
If your offer is still available I would be happy to start new project!(with DK silk yarn)

Mimi said...

I love the colors you chose for the blanket.
Can't wait to see you model your latest design!

Cristina Salgueiro said...

Your blanket is very cute with those colors, i like it.

B. Zainul said...

I liked your projects.I live in penang too and I love crochet. I am 6 weeks pregnant now:D so crochet keeps me busy since I am at home.I mostly crochet baby clothes.One thing I could not find a good yarn store in penang.An the good yarns are so expensive here. where do you usually get your yarns from?

Anonymous said...

Good Job! :)