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Monday, February 04, 2008

Playing Bubbles

Last week, we planned to play kite again. However, there was no strong wind. Thus, we played bubbles. See how happy Lauri was! This was her first time.

By the way, Lauri has already adjusted well with her study. She enjoys her lessons and improved a lot. For only short period 2 weeks, she now has better control of her hand. She can hold the pencil nicely, write and draw better. On Saturday and Sunday, she even wants to go to school.

Last Wednesday, she had a fight with a boy! Yup a boy. It’s all started while we were waiting to be picked up in the sitting room. This boy somehow hit Lauri’s friend (a girl), then Lauri scolded the boy. Then when the boy wanted to hit again, Lauri moved away his hand, then they started to hit to each other. Somehow Lauri managed to hit his eyes, and the boy report to the teacher that Lauri hit him. To my surprise, Lauri abled to defend herself and said that the boy also hit her. Thus, in the end the teacher asked the boy to sit somewhere else.

I don’t know. Somehow Lauri is so girly yet she is a tomboy too.


Andra said...

Wow, I am impressed with what she did!

Cristina said...

They do things sometimes that we just don't know where they came from! Good to know that she is ok with scool now. Nicole also as new phrases and a lot of converstion.