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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Playing Kite on New Year 2008

Today Lauri was having so much fun. We went to the Esplanade, originally want to buy some Rojak, however the stall still closed. Then we saw people selling small kites. Naturally, Lauri attention went to the kite, so we bought 2 kites for her to play. The wind was very strong, so it's kind of fun playing kites. Lauri and the father play together while I was busy taking photos.

On the way home, along the road by the beach, we saw a lot of people were fishing and playing sand, so we decided to stop and play with kites again, until the sun started to set.

Tomorrow, Lauri have to go to pre-kindergarden, so have to sleep early tonight. Hopefully she can adapt well tomorrow.

Note: I wrote above post on the 1st January, but just save it as a draft as I had not downloaded the pictures.


Cristina said...

cute photos. My oldest girl is also going to start pre-sckool monday, the 7, let's see also how she is going to adapt! Good luck with yours :)

Mimi said...

Pretty pics! kite flying by the beach, how cool is that!

Annie said...

Nice pics! I am sure Lauri will be able to cope well and enjoying new friends.

opportunityknits said...

Happy New Year Lily! Laurie has grown so much, a little lady now.

JL said...

Yeah, Lauri has grown so much and taller, a little lady soon.