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Monday, October 16, 2006

Next Project?

I am thinking to make this for my next project (after I have finished the current projects on hand hopefully).

Ivy from Knitty

The pattern called for Alpaca yarn. However, can you imagine wearing alpaca in this kind of climate? I don’t think so. I will be sweating like a pig. Or it will ended up in the closet.

So, I am thinking to substitute the yarn with cotton yarn. I bought cotton yarn from Elann. The yarn itself is very cheap, but the shipping cost is quite a fortune. I decided to ship using surface shipping, so it will quite sometimes before I got it (I need to finish the currect project anyway).

I choose this purple color (they call it Victorian Grape) because I want to match it with the necklace that my hubby bought for me recently.

My WIP news: it’s quite slow on my blue crocheted cardigan. This week I concentrated on my red knitted top. I almost finish the body part. Probably next week, I can start the sleeves. No picture because my camera is on repair. Need a month or so before I can get my camera back.

1 comment:

opportunityknits said...

Ivy is a pretty design and you're right, cotton will be better. That's a lovely necklace to go with Ivy. I bought yarn from Elann before and I also felt that shipping was very costly. Can't wait for you to get your camera back!