Saturday, October 07, 2006

Finish the Back (of the Blue Crochet Cardigan)

I manage to finish the back of my blue crochet cardigan. I blocked it right away to make sure that everything is OK and the sizing is correct. The result? I love it. The drape, the softness, the stretch, everything. Knitting yarn is definitely softer than crochet yarn.

The shaping modification that I did also works well. This is the first time I modify the shaping. Normally, I am too lazy to do some modification. Afraid that if it’s not working, I have to rip the whole thing. However, I want this to be something that I will wear a lot and not something that only occupy my closet and never see sunlight, so I have to make sure it fit well on me.

By the way, the handphone on the photo was only to keep the book to stay open.

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opportunityknits said...

It's nice and shapely. I have this magazine taht you are crocheting this pattern from. It has many nice patterns.