Thursday, October 26, 2006


My camera has not back yet. So, I can’t show my progress. I actually can use my handphone camera, but the result not so clear. So, better I wait until I got my camera back.

Since I don’t have camera to show photo, I used my scanner to scan these two cross stitch FO. Actually these are belong to my husband. He made them when he was 8 years old (I think). All these years, my mother in law still keep them. Now, she gave it to me and ask me to keep. Aren’t they precious.

The other day, I asked him whether he is interested to learn to knit. Too bad that he is not interested.

But, after more thinking, probably it’s a good thing he is not interested. Otherwise, he would ended up using my favourite needle or using my yarn. I think I let him stick to his golf.

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