Friday, June 12, 2009

Heart Applique

I am trying to make a patchwork tablecloth with heart applique. Here are the steps to sew the heart on (not sure whether this is the correct method, but this is the way I did it) :

1. Trace the heart shape on the right side of the cloth. Trim the fabric around the design leaving a quarter-inch seam allowance. Fold the seam allowance toward the wrong side of the fabric and do running stitch around.

2. Place the appliqué, right side up, on the right side of the background fabric and sew the appliqué piece to the background fabric.

3. Iron the finished result

4. With sewing machine I sew around the inside of the heart.


opportunityknits said...

This looks like a nice and neat way of sewing applique. Thanks for sharing

PAC said...

This is super cute!