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Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Fiori!

My Baby is a toddler now! How time flies to fast. Fiori’s birthday was actually on 21 May. However, since I was lazy to download the photos, I can only post about it today.

At 1 year old, Fiori was almost 10 kg (about 1 kg less than Lauri at the same age), however, length wise they are the same. Unlike Lauri, Fiori still could not say Mama and Papa yet, however, she could say “clap” and clapping her hand, pointing at things and said “duck” and she said “ba-ba” (instead of bye bye) and waved her hand.

Trying to touch the cake

Cutting the cake

1 comment:

Liana Lioe said...

Oh Fiori, happy belated birthday.
Time flies huh? she is a big girl now.