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Friday, June 26, 2009

Ama and Akong’s Visit

Last month, from 17 to 26 May, Ama and Akong came to celebrate Fiori’s first birthday. It was also the first time they saw Fiori. Lauri was very happy because she has another 2 persons to spoil her. My parents told me that Lauri was prettier than their last visit 1.5 years ago. They also marveled at Lauri’s good behavior and her ability to steal their heart.

Akong was teaching Lauri to write 1 to 10 in Chinese character.
Ama: Isn’t Akong very clever? Not like Ama.
Lauri: But, I love you….
Ama: Oooohhhh…. (heart melt)

Lauri also drew Ama and Akong.

Left to right: Castle, Princess Lauri, Akong, Ama (the one with curly hair)

At first my mom tought that she was drawing a flower, it turn out it was my mom’s curly hair. Hahahahaha!

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Mimi said...

My son's drawings when they were little, looked similar to that ;) I've kept some of it, somewhere...