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Monday, August 25, 2008

Not My FO

Since I am still working on my blanket and still don’t have FO to show, I will show you my mother-in-law’s latest FO.

She made this crocheted dress for her other grand daughter. She got only 2 sons and no daughter and last time she was longing for one. Now she is blessed with 3 grand-daughters. She is happy that finally she has someone to crocheted and knitted for.

This dress made from 100% nylon yarn. It’s the same material that I used for making Red Knitted Top.

I like the way she add the flower ribbon and heart embellishment. It really make the dress looks pretty.


Mimi said...

The dress is lovely! Your MIL is so blessed to have 3 grand-daughters and the talent to make clothes for them ;)

JL said...

A cute dress, your MIL is good in crochet, how nice ! and blessed with 3 cuties.

jyk said...

I agree with the above completely. Young children always look good when they are dressed up.

Cristina said...

She looks so sweet in that top.