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Friday, August 15, 2008

My Pillow Case

I got so many pillows and bolster on my bed and normally store bought bedsheet set only come with 2 pcs of pillow cases and 1 pcs of bolster case. Thus, I have to make pillow cases and bolster cases for the others.

I just made it simple. But, since I love details, I embroidery our names on the corner.

For you who is Harry Potter fan, you should notice that our name is similar with Harry Potter's parent :)


Mimi said...

Good job on the pillow...I am not a HP fan, but that is so cool to have the same name!
I also love the nice photo of baby in the background ;)

JL said...

how romantic !1

Christina Marie Dennis said...

Beautiful, simple idea! I love your blog, by the way. Your knitting patterns are so amazing!

Hernik Widowati said...

samaaaa.... aku juga harus nambah sarung bantal dan gulingnya. Di Indonesia kita biasa ada 2 untuk guling ya.. disini cuma 1.
Wow... baru sadar, James and Lily Potter....