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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Progress on Dahlia

Almost finish my Dahlia.

I started the sleeve before finish the bottom to my desired length, mainly because I want to know whether I got the overall looks as per my original vision. I also attach the button. In the end it will have 4 buttons as per original drawing, but in the meantime I only attach two (just so I can button it up when trying). I must say that I really satisfied with the result so far. It fits me nicely. It doesn't look that good in the photo, but it looks nice on me, and that is more important, right?

After I finish with the sleeves, I will continue with the bottom part to make it longer, pick up the colar and FINISH! No seam no nothing. It work in one piece. Don't you love working in one piece?

In the mean time, I already started drawing my diagram pattern. Boy, it is a lot of work.


Pr3tty* Knitty~ said...

Jia you Jia you! Can't wait to see the FO on you!

JL said...

You are fantastic !

Mimi said...

Lily, its looking awesome so far :)
I'm always afraid of the sleeves part when I'm designing...You're a genius!

handknit168 said...

Woooo... your pattern is fantastics.

Norah said...

It's fabulous, Lily! I can't wait until the pattern is available for purchase!