Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My First Patchwork Project

Lately Lauri loves to cuddle in the blanket. I plan to make crocheted blanket for her someday, but in meantime I took out my first patchwork blanket that I made long time ago. I started this project right after I saw my MIL make patchwork, borrow her patchwork magazines, bought my cotton materials and started my own design.

As usual, I did not start with simple project, but designed a queen-sized blanket! I also hand-quilted the whole thing. I forgot when I started this project, but I finished it 5 days before I delivered Lauri. Such a perfect timing.

Lauri was having breakfast on bed


Mimi said...

That blanket is amazing! I love the design, Lauri should be very proud of it :)
...now isn't she spoiled, eating breakfast in bed?

Jackie said...

That's amazing ! Love the design too.

Andra said...

Love the colors and design.