Thursday, April 28, 2011

Liliiflora Shawlette Knitting Pattern For Sale

Liliiflora is another name of the purple magnolia flower. I saw a lot of these flowers blooming beautifully in the early spring during my trip to southern China, and was inspired to create a shawl that incorporated this motif.
This shawlette is worked from the bottom up and the narrow curved shape of lace is created by short rows.
Pattern includes charts and written directions, and stitch count totals for every row.
I also include tips on how to make a larger or smaller shawl and the yardage needed.

Technical Editor: Chaitanya Muralidhara

Suggested yarn and yardage needed:
Any sock yarn (see table for yardage needed)

Needle: 4 mm (US 6), 6 mm (US 10)

Hook for CO & nupp (optional): 3.5 mm (E)

Notions: stitch markers, removable stitch marker or 4 cm of contrasting color yarn.

Finished Size (18 repeats): 160 cm (63”) across top edge, 40 cm (16”) depth

Level: Advanced

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How to Buy: Pattern is 7 pages in PDF includes charts and written directions. Payment by Paypal and delivery by Ravelry, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted.

USD 5.00,-

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knitterPat said...

Beautiful shawlette! Love the colour too!:)

Lily said...

Thanks, Pat!

Lillysmuul said...

This is soooooooooo beautiful!
I have to show it in my Knitting forum!