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Friday, April 30, 2010

Something to Occupy Lauri

Lauri almost 6 now and she is a good girl most of the time. She can play and amuse by herself with her toys. She likes to draw, and do some sort of crafting involving a lot of paper, glue, tape, color pencil, marker and so on (minus scissor since the accident last year). Some of her handycraft I kept, but mostly I threw away.

Recently, she got a present from her Beepa and Beema (grandpa and grandma), It’s some sort of Lego Set with instruction how to assembly. She loves it and for several days she was busy assembly them one by one. She only asked my help if the blocks to hard to stick together. To my surprise, she is very good at interpret the instruction. I am very proud at her.

Display them on top of my printer (which is placed on top of my table) so Fiori could not reach them.

Fiori was admiring her sister’s work

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Rosalía said...

Enjoy with her, It's very pleasant to know how children growing, learning. Enjoy. She looks a delicious and clever girl.