Friday, April 16, 2010

Garden Path Crocheted Shawl Pattern for Sale

I saw so many gorgeous knitted shawls out there that I would love to knit, but somehow I could not find a crocheted shawl pattern that I would like to make. So, I decided to design my own crocheted shawl. I made 2 versions of this shawl. One is a scarf version in blue and the other one is a shawl version in black.

As always, this pattern comes with row-by-row written direction in US crochet term and charts.

I hope you will enjoy making this pattern!

Suggested yarn:
Jagerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk 2/18 Lace weight (held double)
1200 m for scarf and 4000 m for Shawl

Hook: 3.5 mm (E)

Level: Intermediatte

Finished Size:
Scarf: 47" across top edge, 23" long from centre top to point
Shawl: 84" across top edge, 40" long from centre top to point

Other Posts and photos about this project: Here

How To Buy:
Pattern is a full colour, 7 pages in PDF. Complete with symbols and diagram (like the one you always find in Japanese pattern book) beside the written instruction.
Payment by Paypal and delivery by Ravelry, no accounts required. Credit cards accepted.

USD 6.00,-

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Or you can buy the e-book: Shawl Collection to Crochet. Consist of 4 patterns: Garden Path, Gathering Leaves, Cassandra, and Remember Me.

USD 18.00,-

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Margaret said...

You are amazing! That shawl is absolutely beautiful. I always love knitted shawls, but have not yet seen a crochet shawl that I love as much as yours. Well done you!!!!

Lily said...

Thanks Margaret :) said...

Lily i totally agree with Margaret, this shawl is beautiful

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Lily, I saw your post on and just have a question about the it in American crochet terms or British?

Also, is the smaller scarf pattern included with the larger shawl pattern?

I love it and would love to crochet it. I'm such a slow knitter and can't seem to get motivated to work on my knitted shawl I started a while ago. Perhaps I will rip it out and use the gorgeous yarn I bought for it to make this crocheted one.

Please let me know.

Thanks so much!


Teejaycee said...

Hi. Just making your lovely shawl at the moment and about to move on to part 2. Can I check part 2 row 6? Should the star for the repeat be at the first bobble section for when you are going down the other side? As this is mirror image it doesn't seem right to do a dc3tog after the 4 chains when it looks like it should be a bobble.
Maybe I am reading wrong, but clarification would be appreciated.

Lily said...

Yes, you are correct. It should starts with bobble and not dc3tog.