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Friday, August 07, 2009

Washing My Quilt

Last week I decided to machine wash my quilt. Normally I dry clean it because when I make this quilt, I didn’t prewash the material, so I really didn’t know whether the material would shrink or the color would bleed. To be in the save side, I just dry cleaned it. However, since I rarely go out, I really didn’t have opportunity to bring the quilt to be dry cleaned (and when I finally had opportunity to go out, I forgot to bring it with me).

In the end, I just dropped it in the washing machine and hoping for the best. Thank God, everything was just fine. It looked as nice as can be and it smelled good.

I use cold water and I just let it dried under the fan. While drying, I just notice the date I embroidered on the backing. It was the date I finished this quilt, 28 September 2004. It was a mooncake festival night and it was 5 days before Lauri born.

The date on the backing

3D flower

Everything is fine

All the handstitches are still intact

I love the “crumpled up” effects

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