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Friday, July 31, 2009

Photo Book

Finally I managed to compile all Lauri and Fiori’s photos into one photo book. Nothing fancy, since I really didn’t have the time to fiddle too much. I managed to compile all together 50 pages. At first I tried to put embellishments and also tried to make the background into different colors, but after one page I gave up since it took too much time. The title of this photo book is “Precious Moments”. I print 3 books, one for me, one for my in laws and one for my parents.
Actually I didn’t like the color of the hard cover, but it’s the only one available.
Phiew..!!! At least now I can cross out one of my ever growing to-do-list.

Here are some of the snapshot of the pages:


Mimi said...

That's so cool, I love it! Laughing Fiori is super cute :)

Anonymous said...

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