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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Crocheted Lace to Lengthen the Dress

Lauri grows very fast. Most of her dresses are too short although width wise, she still can wear them. I suppose she could wear it with pants as a tunic, but I am afraid she will have difficulty to open the pant when she goes to the toilet in the kindy. So, I made crocheted lace to lengthen the dress. I just attached the lace with running stitch. The idea is, when she can not wear this dress anymore, I just take the lace and attach it to another dress that need to be lengthen.


Cristina said...

That is a great idea, i never thought of using crochet in the bottom. Usualy i use it for the top fo the clothing. Nice idea, thank you for sharing.
Hope all your family had nice holidays.
Happy new year Lily and Family :)

Vicky said...

great idea!! All of your work is so beautiful. I found your blog last night and spent hours drooling over it. I especially love your sage jacket!! I will have to purchase the pattern in the near future. I am a new knitter so it will be a big challenge for me and I am also very slow so I am afraid I may hate it before I finish it!!